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G. Loomis Deep Flex Crankbait Rods

Even though a lot of successful anglers love our Crankbait Series rods, there are still a bunch of plug pitchers out there that have asked for an even softer version. For those anglers, we developed our new Deep Flex (DF) crankbait rods. They are a totally new design with a much slower taper and softer flex. They are incredibly light and provide unbelievable sensitivity and lure control. The softer flex improves the lure’s action, allowing it to work its way over or around the cover the way it was designed to which is far more attractive to the fish. Another great advantage of the Deep Flex Series is that the softer action is very forgiving when the fish runs or jumps so you are less apt to lose them. Now it’s time to get excited. Thanks to our "fiber-blend" technology crankbait anglers have never had it so good!

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G Loomis Rods CBR864 DF
G. Loomis CBR864 Deep Flex Crankbait Rod 7'2" Med-Heavy
Price: 285.00

Length: 7'2"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1
When you need a little more casting distance and lure control, this 7’2" rod is just the ticket. It has the right combination of length and power for fishing ˝ ounce lipless crankbaits and medium to large-sized deep divers. It is extremely forgiving which not only enhances the action of the lure, but keeps you from pulling hooks free when a bass jumps or makes a quick burst for cover. Light, sensitive and extremely efficient, this is the rod you’ve been looking for.
G Loomis Rods CBR896 DF
G. Loomis CBR896 Deep Flex Crankbait Rod 7'5" Heavy
Price: 295.00

Length: 7'5"
Power: 6
Pieces: 1
This is a great choice for fishing the big deep-diving crankbaits. At 7’5”, you can cast a big bait a country mile, allowing you to keep it down in the zone for longer periods of time. Its soft flex allows the bait to wobble freely, attracting more strikes and it is so sensitive that there is no doubt when a big bass sucks the bait in. It has plenty of reserve power and keeps you in total control even when that “fish of a lifetime” heads for the thick stuff.

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