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G. Loomis Rods Classic Trout & Panfish

A dynamic of light-duty and ultra-light freshwater spinning rods. G Loomis designed them primarily for panfish, but they satisfy a variety of different APPLICATIONS like small in-line spinners for bass; darts and light jigs for shad; spinners for trout; small bait for bonefish; and even spoons for sea trout. Now, don't get us wrong... they aren't like G Loomis' spin jig rods. They are more of a LIGHT-DUTY all-around spinning rod with relatively soft butt-sections and light tips. None are rated for over 10-pound line and most are in the 4- to 6- pound test range. If you're fishing in tight quaters or really small creeks, we'd suggest the shorter models, but if you frequent larger streams or ponds and lakes, G Loomis reccommends the longer rods because they protect light line better and give you increased casting DISTANCE and a longer, more effective hook set.

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