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G. Loomis Center Pin Rods

G. Loomis Salmon/Steelhead Rods

Center pin rods & reels are not a new concept or technique, but they are new to today’s angler. The theory behind the technique is a drag-free drift, whether you’re fishing bait on the bottom or suspending bait or jigs beneath a float. The reels, extremely smooth single-action models, resemble fly reels and have clicker drag systems to help prevent free-spooling. They have rimmed spools so the anglers can apply the necessary drag by palming the spool. The technique requires a long, light, responsive rod. The older versions were tip-heavy and that made them tiresome to fish. You would spend your entire day trying to keep that tip in a positive, upright position, all the while trying to concentrate on the bite, while battling that tip-heavy, uncomfortable feeling. That’s where G.Loomis and GLX come into play. We not only can make them longer, more responsive and dynamically lighter, but we've shifted the weight towards the butt-section of the rod . We use a blend of composite and species cork in the handle to help maintain a delicate balance at the angler’s end of the rod and split rings so you can position your reel where you want it. Add to that Recoil (nickel-titanium) guides that are about half the weight of standard guides and these rods create a pronounced “Wow!!” It's what we do and what you've come to expect!

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G. Loomis STR1352 GLX Center Pin Rod
G. Loomis STR1352 GLX Center Pin Rod 11'3" Light
Price: 560.00

Length: 11'3"
Power: 2
Pieces: 2

This is a rod designed for the small coastal streams or rivers where space is limited. It really excels in low-water conditions. The moderate action helps protect light lines and leaders without sacrificing power and performance. It’s a true ultra-light in a big fish situation and it’s a lot of fun. Your range is somewhat limited as are the drifts, but in those small streams or especially brushy rivers, you don’t need to extend your drift quite as far to be effective. GLX allows us to make these rods light as a feather with perfect balance and unbelievable sensitivity.
G Loomis Rods GLX STR1562
G. Loomis STR1562 GLX Center Pin Rod 13' Light
Price: 595.00

Length: 13'
Power: 2
Pieces: 2

This rod is a great all-around rod no matter where you fish. The 13 foot length and high speed make casting floats of any size a dream. Its super light weight balances with almost any pin reel making long days with no arm fatigue possible for the first time.
G Loomis Rods GLX STR1653
G. Loomis STR1563 GLX Center Pin Rod 13' Med-Light
Price: 595.00

Length: 13'
Power: 3
Pieces: 2

Big water, heavy flows and large floats are no match for this 3 power. It's hard to believe a rod this light can handle 6-10 pound leaders and still have the speed to set hooks at distances never thought possible. This rod will also double as a coho/king rod in waters from BC to Oregon.
G Loomis Rods GLX STR1803
G. Loomis STR1803 GLX Center Pin Rod 15' Med-Light
Price: 645.00

Length: 15'
Power: 3
Pieces: 3

15 foot, fast and light, never before has this option been available. With a 6-10 pound line rating this rod can master anything from the pier heads of Wisconsin to the Manistee, Thomson or the mighty Niagara. The extra length helps aid in extra long casts of oversized floats, keeping the line off the water and tiring fish in the largest steelhead water in the world.

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