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G. Loomis Carolina Rig Rods

A pair of 7’3” casting rods designed specifically to fish soft plastics using a “Carolina Rig”. With this technique, the bait is attached to a leader via a barrel swivel ahead of an oversized, bead-enhanced weight to help keep the rig in constant contact with the bottom. The weight & beads create noise and on softer bottoms, little bursts of mud that help attract bass. Bass hear or see the bait coming along behind it and with any luck at all, they’ll eat it. These are fast-action power rods, made a little longer than normal to handle what can be a tricky rig to cast, as well as create more tip speed to extend your casting range and improve hook sets. These MossyBack rods feature our proprietary “fiber-blend” construction with Fuji guides and reel seats. Technique specific for the ultimate in performance.

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G. Loomis Rods Carolina Rig Mossy Back BCR874
G. Loomis BCR874 MossyBack Carolina Rig Rod
Price: 260.00

Length: 7'3"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1

This is the epitome of Carolina Rig rods. It has a longer rear grip for two-handed casting control which is really nice when you start using leaders over 3-feet long. A fast action and the extra length dramatically increase your casting range and hook-setting power. Designed for mid-sized baits and weights.

G Loomis Rods Carolina Rig BCR875
G. Loomis BCR875 MossyBack Carolina Rig Rod
Price: 280.00

Length: 7'3"
Power: 5
Pieces: 1
When the fish are on deep isolated humps and ridges you need more weight to keep your rig on the bottom. When there’s lots of brush and weeds down there, you need more power to get the fish out of all that stuff. And... when the fish are bigger than normal, you need a rod that can handle them. Allow me to introduce you to your new friend! It’s made for the big rigs, deep-water, lots of cover and oversized bass. Advantage angler!

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