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G. Loomis IMX Reaction Rods

G. Loomis IMX Reaction Rods
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4 Models
- G. Loomis IMX Reaction Rods
- 4 Casting Models
- Techniques: Jerkbait, Spinnerbait & Topwater

G. Loomis Model



G. Loomis IMX Reaction Casting Rods

The new G. Loomis IMX Rods include a number of technique specific rods ranging for bass fishing applications; virtually every technique used by anglers today is covered in the IMX series. Of those techniques, the IMX Reaction series is one of the more generally encompassing including spinnerbaits, jerkbait and topwater casting rods. A total of four models fall under the IMX Reaction Bait distinction broken down as follows:

IMX Spinnerbait Rods

A unique series of rods designed specifically for fishing spinnerbaits. Featuring extra-fast tips to help improve accuracy and lower the trajectory on your casts these rods cast easily, smoothly and with incredible accuracy. It makes sense to have a rod designed for each type of lure or technique. Spinnerbaits may be fished by more anglers than any other single bass lure. We think they deserve their own special action and overall design. Fish them and we’re confident that you’ll agree! The design makes them special, IMX makes them very light and very sensitive... a plus for any spinnerbait junkie!!

IMX Topwater Rods

G.Loomis topwater rods are designed for you die-hard topwater anglers. They will improve your success because they are designed to do one thing… fish topwater baits the way they were made to be fished. Add to this IMX's legendary sensitivity and power and you’ve got a winning combination. Well-balanced, with a unique mid-tip flex for exceptional accuracy and lure control, they provide the ultimate in topwater performance. The tips are soft, dynamic and in spite of the noticeable reduction in weight, surprisingly powerful.

IMX Jerkbait Rods

Fishing jerkbaits, whether early in the spring or later in the year requires a lot of confidence in the technique. You have to be sure or strongly believe the fish are there and you must be patient. This is a deadly technique, especially with smallmouth early in the season. The IMX jerkbait rods are designed with fast tips and our proprietary "progressive power taper" so the angler can work the lures correctly with minimal effort. When it’s cold, you fish very slow, when it’s warmer, you speed things up quite a bit. Sometimes you need to be super aggressive with the lure movement and this rod has the power to do that and still not overload it, but when you need to be subtle, the tip is light enough and responsive enough to impart a slight twitch if that’s what it takes to get the fish going. There is plenty of reserve power in the butt-section for getting fish to the boat.

The release of the new 2014 G. Loomis IMX Rods offers anglers a whole new level of sensitivity and strength in rods that are up to 15% lighter than the original IMX series. With surprising power to weight ratios, the reaction bait series of bass rods is exactly what you need when it comes to fishing many different types of reaction baits. Offering the same dialed in rod actions and ratings of all G. Loomis IMX Rods, the Reaction Bait models will aid in improving casting distance and accuracy, heightening sensitivity and delivering durability for years of use. The new reaction bait series utilizes brand new, slender ergonomic handles for increased comfort and control during a long day of fishing. Upgraded Fuji K-Frame guides offer incredible durability while also protecting the tip section from braided line wrap. The G. Loomis IMX Reaction Bait Rods are available in four casting models. Specs and description for each model are listed below.

Click on the images below to get a closer look at the features of the G. Loomis IMX Series:

G. Loomis NEW IMX Rods
New IMX Bass Rods G. Loomis New IMX Bass Rods G. Loomis IMX Bass Fishing Rods New G. Loomis IMX Bass Rods G. Loomis IMX Series Bass

IMX Reaction Rod Models
Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
IMX 812C JBR 6' 9" F 1 8-15 1/4-3/8 Fast Medium
IMX 802C TWR 6' 8" F 1 8-15 1/4-3/8 Fast Medium
IMX 812C SBR 6'9" E 1 10-17 3/8-1/2 Fast Medium
IMX 813C SBR 6'9" E 1 12-20 1/2-3/4 Ex-Fast Med-Heavy
G.Loomis IMX Reaction Rod Handles

802C TWR

A nice feeling, medium-power spinning rod designed for fishing heavier ShakyHead rigs in lakes where there’s a little more cover or you need to fish a little deeper. You can get away with a little heavier line and slightly heavier jig set up to help maintain positive lure control and constant contact with the bottom. IMX makes this rod very sensitive and noticeably lighter. It's a great all-around spinning rod!

812C JBR

Although the same line/lure ratings as the 6’3” version (JBR752C), the extra length of this rod gives you more tip speed to increase casting distance and allow you to fish deeper water more effectively. You can move the bait faster and more aggressively so you can cover more water. It is especially helpful when you want to stay back off the fish because of clear water or the fish are just plain spooky.

812C SBR

Designed with a dynamic action especially for fishing spinnerbaits, this is our best all around rod in the category. Made to fish mid-range spinnerbaits, it features a nice combination of power and sensitivity. Make all the casts... short, long, under limbs, over laydowns, drop it into the holes, it won't make any difference. This is a great all-around spinnerbait rod and you'll be surprised how sensitive IMX makes it. A whole new experience and you can feel it every time the blades turn.

813C SBR

When it's time for a more powerful stick for slow-rolling big baits in deep water or bulging big blades over the grass, this is an excellent option. It’s features a stiffer tip with more overall power for fishing heavy line. When the fish are in the thick stuff and you need more control, this is the rod and IMX makes it very sensitive and sneaky light for so much power.

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