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G. Loomis IMX Bass Jig & Worm Casting

G. Loomis IMX Jig & Worm Casting Rods
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10 Models
- G. Loomis IMX Jig & Worm Casting Rods
- 10 Casting Models
- Technique: Jig & Worm

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G. Loomis IMX Bass Jig & Worm Casting

The IMX Jig & Worm Series Casting rods are designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics when targeting bass. Each jig and worm casting rod in G. Loomis IMX Bass series features fast to extra-fast actions for low trajectory casts, which will increase accuracy and line/lure control. Fishing soft plastics or jigs often necessitates very accurate casts to precise targets - the xfast actions will significantly aid in better, more accurate presentations. Models include rods ideal for casting weightless senkos, skipping and pitching jigs or fishing larger weights in deep water. These jig and worm rods are designed with powerful butt-sections for moving fish from heavy cover. If you're into lightweight and sensitivity, power and control, then the IMX Jig & Worm Series rods are a worthy addition to your bass rod arsenal. We offer each and every model of the G. Loomis IMX Bass Jig & Worm Casting Rods. Below we list each model and offer their specs with ideal use for that rod.

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IMX Jig & Worm Casting Rod Models

Model # Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight Action Power
IMX 802C JWR 6'8" A 1 10-14 1/8-3/8 Ex Fast Medium
IMX 803C JWR 6'8" A 1 12-16 3/16-5/8 Ex Fast Med-Heavy
IMX 804C JWR 6'8" A 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 Ex Fast Heavy
IMX 852C JWR 7'1" B 1 10-14 1/8-3/8 Ex Fast Medium
IMX 853C JWR 7'1" B 1 12-16 3/16-5/8 Ex Fast Med-Heavy
IMX 854C JWR 7'1" B 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 Fast Heavy
IMX 855C JWR 7'1" B 1 17-25 1/4-1 Fast Ex-Heavy
IMX 873C CRR 7'3" C 1 12-17 1/4-3/4 Fast Med-Heavy
IMX 893C JWR 7'5" C 1 12-16 3/16-5/8 Ex Fast Med-Heavy
IMX 894C JWR 7'5" C 1 14-20 5/16-3/4 Ex Fast Heavy
G.Loomis IMX Jig Worm Casting Rod Handles

802C JWR

A sneaky powerful butt-section with a slightly softer tip makes this a great rod for fishing lighter jigs and small worms. It's perfect for -ounce jigs in clear or shallow water and it makes a good cross-over rod for small to medium-sized spinnerbaits and topwaters if you want one rod that can do a lot of different applications. Thanks to IMX, it's really light, strong and very sensitive!

803C JWR

About the most universal action we make in bass casting rods! An excellent blend of power and sensitivity for fishing small to medium-sized plastics and jigs. The extra-fast tip makes it extremely accurate with all the power you need to pull big fish away from snags, rocks and weeds. IMX technology makes it easy to know what's happening at the end of your line and that's a huge advantage!

804C JWR

A no-holds-barred power rod for fishing jigs and soft plastics in heavy cover or tight spaces where short, accurate casts make the difference between success and failure. Its light enough to fish all day and thanks to IMX, won't wear you out! A great choice for big bass in moderately deep water.

852C JWR

When you're fishing clear water lakes and rivers where long casts are required to successful, this rod has the extra length to create more tip-speed for increased casting distance and positive hook sets and still protect light line. When you need to downsize your baits, this rod can handle it. IMX makes light and sensitive with surprising power!

853C JWR

One of our most versatile bass rods! It has a nice, moderately stiff tip that will allow you to cast mid-range soft plastics and jigs in fairly heavy cover. Its got enough power to drive the hook through a plastic worm with minimal effort. At 7'1", it generates higher tip-speed that will increase casting distance with plenty of oomph to make positive hooksets in deep water. IMX continues to push the envelope with surprising power-to-weight ratios and impressive sensitivity! The bass never had a chance!!

854C JWR

A powerful big bass, big bait casting rod. A fast-action stick designed specifically for fishing big fish in heavy cover with plenty of power to set the hook and move a big fish from cover before it knows what hit him. IMX makes it nice and light for so much power and it's very sensitive! It could be our best all-around power stick!

855C JWR

Where there lots of brush or trees... there are usually a lot of bass... big bas! This rod will help you not only get to them, but get them to the boat. It will move the hook when you swing and that means more hook-ups. Its magnum power moves fish from the heaviest of cover so don't fear the thick stuff. Let this IMX powerhouse do the work for you!

873C CRR

Designed to fish soft plastics behind a heavy sinker to maintain positive contact with the bottom and create a lot of commotion. Now that you've got the bass's attention, the next thing to come along is the meal and it's hard to resist. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel the bite because of all that weight ahead of the lure, but IMX allows you to feel everything that happens to your bait... EVERYTHING!! The extra length helps you with positive hook-sets and allows you to move more line without using the reel.

893C JWR

We took one of our most popular bass rods and extended the length to make it even better, especially for deep-water applications! With a dynamic, medium/heavy power-rating to fish a broad range of baits, this rod creates exceptional tip-speed to increase casting distance, but more importantly, provide more control for the angler, deep or shallow. IMX makes it sensitive, we give it fishability!

894C JWR

This could be the perfect all around big bass, big bait, magnum pitching stick. It features a fast-action for increased power and control, plus the extra length makes it an exceptional deep-water rod. There's something special about a rod that casts easily, loads quickly and sets the hook with authority without feeling heavy. That's the beauty of IMX and it's about as sensitive as you can imagine!

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