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G. Loomis IMX Salmon Steelhead Hotshot Rods

G. Loomis IMX HSR Salmon Steelhead HotShot Rods
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Starting at $295.00
- G. Loomis IMX HSR Salmon Steelhead HotShot Rods
- Models (4): 9000S, 9000-2S, 982C & 1021-2C

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G. Loomis IMX Salmon Steelhead HotShot Rods

The new IMX Salmon & Steelhead HotShot Rods, or “HSR” for short, is a series of freshwater salmon & steelhead fishing rods designed for fishing plugs in river currents. G. Loomis engineered these rods using the latest in fishing rod technology resulting in a finished product that was lighter, more sensitive and stronger than their IMX predecessors. Comprised of four different models - two spinning and two casting, G. Loomis latest IMX Salmon & Steelhead HotShot Rods offer the ideal actions and lengths desired by anglers for the technique. Hot Shot rods have relatively light tips and magnum butt-sections. They were originally designed to fish steelhead plugs, like the Hot Shot, where the boat actually is positioned at the head of a run, letting the current “pull” the plug down to the fish zone. The boat sweeps back and forth, across the current so the plugs cover the entire width of the run, then slips further down stream, repeating the process. Lure action is monitored by watching the rod tip wiggle as the lure digs for the bottom. When a fish hits the plug, the magnum butt-section actually sets the hook by the force created by the strike, and the boat operator keeps initial tension on the fish until the angler can grab the rod from the holder. The very nature of this design makes it a good casting tool, and a better fish-fighting tool. IMX technology makes it light and sensitive, but also very effective for a lot of different applications. That's why you'll find both one and two-piece models in both spin and cast.

The release of the new 2014 G. Loomis IMX Rods offers anglers a whole new level of sensitivity and strength in rods that are up to 15% lighter than the original IMX series. With surprising power to weight ratios, the HSR series of salmon & steelhead hotshot rods is exactly what you need to effectively fish this unique technique. The G. Loomis IMX HSR Series includes four models - specs and descriptions are listed below.

HotShot Technique

The practice of Hot Shotting originated more than 30 years ago in the Pacific Northwest and was named such for the lure used when employing the practice a Rapala Hot Shot plug. This highly effective type of fishing was developed to catch Salmon and Steelhead on large rivers of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. The practice uses an anchor to position the boat above a run and drop back large flat fish into the current to work runs effectively. The whole premise of this application is to create a ‘wall of bait’ fish that backs the fish down the run to the point where they strike the bait in anger.

IMX HSR Models

Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Rating Lure Rating Action Power
IMX 9000S HSR 7'6" F 1 6-12 1/4-1/2 X-Fast Mag-Light
IMX 9000-2S HSR 7'6" F 2 6-12 1/4-1/2 X-Fast Mag-Light
IMX 982C HSR 8'2" B 1 12-25 5/8-6 Fast Heavy
IMX 1021-2C HSR 8'6" B 2 10-20 3/8-4 X-Fast Mag-Medium

HSR 9000S

When you're looking for a really good spinning rod for steelhead, silvers and other small salmon, this is an excellent choice. It's got a lot of power with our magnum taper design and the tip is light enough to cast spinners, spoons or crankbaits. It is very popular for light-duty saltwater use, fishing jigs, spinnerbaits and spoons for redfish, bonefish and permit. IMX makes it surprisingly light considering how powerful this rod is and it's extremely versatile. There's probably nothing you can't do with it except maybe cast a fly.

HSR 9000-2S

The two-piece version of our most popular small salmon & steelhead spinning rod. It has surprising power in such a small package and thanks to IMX is very sensitive and lightweight. It will handle big fish surprisingly well. We made this 2-piece version for anglers looking for a rod they can carry in their vehicle or stow away in their boat. It's an excellent small river drift rod or you can cast spoons or spinners on any size river.

HSR 982C

A specialty heavy-duty trolling/back-trolling rod designed to fish lures like the K-14 Kwikfish or M-2 Flatfish for big salmon. It has an extra-fast action with a medium-heavy tip that allows the guide/angler to see the action of the plug by watching the tip wiggle. The powerful mid- and butt-section helps initiates the hookset when a fish hits the lure. There's plenty of power to handle any size salmon. An added bonus... some anglers have found this rod to be a good spinner trolling rod as well. IMX makes it light, yet extremely powerful with sensitivity that is off the charts. A real plus if you're looking for a powerful rod to drift for big kings anywhere!

HSR 1021-2C

A powerful, two-piece casting rod designed for back-trolling salmon and steelhead with any of the popular deep-diving plugs like the Hot Shot or Wiggle Wart. This rod features an extra-fast taper with a powerful, magnum butt-section make it a favourite for drift fishing with artificials and bait for big kings up in Alaska. It has a long rear cork grip for extra leverage and a lot of power and the 2-piece construction makes it easy to pack in your rig or on an airplane. IMX graphite makes it extremely light and really sensitive and G.Loomis technology makes it sneaky powerful! A great all-around salmon rod!

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