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G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods

G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods
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Price: $450.00
- G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods
- Models (2): Spinning Rods

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G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods

The new G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods, or ďCPRĒ for short, is a series of freshwater salmon and steelhead fishing rods designed for the centerpin fishing technique. G. Loomis engineered these rods using the latest in fishing rod technology resulting in a finished product that was lighter, more sensitive and stronger than their IMX predecessors. Comprised of two models, G. Loomis IMX Salmon and Steelhead Centerpin Rods offer the ideal actions and lengths desired by anglers for this unique technique. The theory behind the Center-Pin technique is a drag-free drift, whether youíre fishing bait on the bottom or suspending bait or jigs beneath a float. The reels, extremely smooth single-action models, resemble fly reels and have clicker drag systems to help prevent the line from over-running. They have rimmed spools so the anglers can apply the necessary drag by palming the spool. The technique requires a long, light, responsive rod. The older versions were tip-heavy and that made them tiresome to fish. Thatís where IMX comes into play. We can make them long, responsive and dramatically lighter, not to mention better balanced. Rather than use a fixed position reel seat, we provide rings so you can position your reel where you want it. The beauty of center pin fishing is that itís simplistic in the approach and it doesnít matter if you are a bait angler, lure angler or fly angler. Itís a nice traditional approach to fishing and when the fly waters are too high or even a little off color, the center pin system can not only save the day, but can be a peaceful, pleasurable experience.

The release of the new 2014 G. Loomis IMX Rods offers anglers a whole new level of sensitivity and strength in rods that are up to 15% lighter than the original IMX series. With surprising power to weight ratios, the Centerpin series of salmon and steelhead rods is exactly what you need to effectively fish this unique technique. The G. Loomis IMX Salmon and Steelhead Centerpin Series includes two models. Specs can be found below.

IMX Centerpin Models

Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Rating Lure Rating Action Power
IMX 1363-4 CPR 11'4" G 4 8-12 1/4-1/2 Moderate Med-Light
IMX 1562-2 CPR 13' G 2 6-10 1/8-1/2 Moderate Light

G. Loomis IMX Centerpin Rods

IMX 1363-4 CPR

This Center-Pin rod, at 11' 4" provides a little more backbone for slightly larger rigs and big water. It has more than adequate casting range and enough power to handle larger fish. It helps keep line clear of the water for a drag-free drift that allows you more coverage and positive line and lure control. IMX makes it very sensitive and light and light as a feather. It's one of our best all-around Center-Pin rods and comes in a 4-piece configuration for easier storage and travel.

IMX 1562-2 CPR

Longer drifts and a more natural presentation is what Center-Pin rods are all about. This 13-footer provides maximum line and lure control along with the ability to move a lot of line when that big steelhead eats your offering at the end of a long drift. It's slightly softer flex helps protect light line, allowing you to fish small baits effectively when the water is low and clear and the fish are extra-spooky. IMX technology helps this rod recover quickly and telegraph everything your rig is doing on the drift. A wonderful revival of an old technique with our latest rod technology.

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