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G. Loomis Trout Fly Rods

G. Loomis Max Czech Nymph GLX G. Loomis Max GLX Fly

G. Loomis Max Czech Nymph GLX Fly

These are extremely fast, 10-foot, 4-piece rods with light, sensitive tips to help anglers make short, accurate drifts with weighted nymphs.

G. Loomis Max GLX Fly

The Max GLX are the result of the need for ultimate speed and control under the most demanding casting and fishing conditions. Ideally suited to casters that demand fast cycle time, these rods have the extra-stiff action and fast taper needed to push streamers to pockets while drifting the river in a raft or drift boat. Also excellent for long line nymphing with split shot and indicator, or to make a tight cast into a stiff wind. When you want to take control no matter the conditions the Max GLX is your rod.
G. Loomis Whispercreek Trout Fly Rods G. Loomis Streamdance GLX

G. Loomis Whisper Creek Fly

Hands and knees approaches, gin clear pools, and trout with severe aversions to sloppy casts, that's where the WhisperCreek series earns it stripes. Based upon the original StreamDance GLX Presentation series fly rods, G. Loomis has tweaked the design and changed the color to clearly distinguish these smooth casting "presentation" action rods from their other series. Featuring the finest diameter tips in the business, they'll track by intuition, and are specifically designed to load up close for accurate shorter casts to spooky fish using Gossamer tippets. When stealth and precision are more important than overwhelming force, these are the rods to have in hand.

G. Loomis Stream Dance GLX Fly

StreamDance GLX fly rods are a benchmark for trout fishing fly rods. Consistently rated tops in shoot outs, these medium-fast to fast taper, medium stiffness rods are the universal answer to many situations.
G. Loomis Eastfork Trout Fly Rod

G. Loomis EastFork Fly

EastFork fly rods are a new range of performance fly rods at less than premium pricing. These rods utilize extra high modulus graphite materials to create a slim diameter profile blank that zings your line out with Extra Line Speed. The fast taper/stiff design helps the caster to form tight loops for added control and authority under all conditions. A rich, full body cabernet satin color envelopes the blank. A ported reel seat with burl cork insert is branded with our Skeleton Fish logo. The reel seat frame is anodized to the same bronze color of the EastFork fly reel, for a perfectly coordinated outfit.

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