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G. Loomis Steelhead & Salmon Fly Rods

  • G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Hand

    Steelhead & Salmon Stinger GLX Two-Hand

    So what's the big deal about the way we Scandinavian get our Spey cast out there? Since its beginnings in the 1960's, Scandinavian influence from top tournament casters and fishermen, schooled on famous Salmon/Seatrout rivers of Sweden and the west coast of Norway, have played a major role in the development of our highly versatile style.
  • G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Two-Hand

    Steelhead & Salmon RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Two-Hand

    The term "SKAGIT CASTING" was coined in the early 1990's to describe on offshoot system of spey casting being used at the time by steelheaders in the Skagit River area.
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Fishing for steelhead and salmon often result in addiction that can easily be mistaken for mental instability. Yet you've been there and understand the outcome and feeling of wanting more. Which is why we, as determined as you are, set out to make your day full of long casts, chilly water, and late fall wind as memorable and successful as it can be. To provide performance and power when any where you need it most. Knowing you've got a rod you can count on for every facet of your game, gives you more time to concentrate on fishing. G. Loomis' steelhead and salmon fly rods start at #7 line weight and go all the way up to the 11/12 weight spey rod. These are the power machines, made to outwit the powerhouses in the river, which translates into advantage angler. G. Loomis' exclusive GLX rods are 25% lighter than rods of comparable strength, allowing you to cast monster casts with even weighted flies all day long. G. Loomis' GL3 rods are lightweight, forgiving. and extremely powerful, making them undoubtedly the best performance value on the river today. Their stiffer tips help eliminate the most common mistake in casting: the tailing loop. Even if it means working that extra day to get it right and deliver rods that provide you with total control power and performance you demand and deceive.