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G. Loomis Roaring River Switch GLX Two-Hand

Anglers looking for the flexibility of executing multiple casting styles with one rod will appreciate this unique series of 11-footers. They give you the ability to make single-hand overhead and roll casts when the conditions are right or "switch" to two-hand, spey casts when necessary. We've discovered that even though you can cast them single-had, most anglers choose to use them for two-hand fishing. Ranging in size from 5- to 8-weights, you can fish for trout, small salmon and steelhead with ability to "switch" techniques quickly and efficiently. Whether you fish a floating line or a sink-tip, dry flies, sub-surface or heavily weighted flies, you'll find these GLX rods more than capable. When those big trout start getting active on the far side of the river, you'll love the punch of the 5-weight to cover the water, no matter what's behind you. The 7- and the 8-weights especially effective when you need to make extra-long casts or fishing with indicators. If you could only take one rod to Alaska for chums, sockeye, silvers, big rainbows and small kings, we'd recommend the 8-weight. It's a great all around fly rod that will manage sink-tips, Skagit and Short Belly Spey lines. Wet flies to Bombers, "flesh flies" to mice and everything in between are all fishable with this rod. All RoaringRiver "Switch" rods are 4-piece, come in a soft protective rod sock and travel case.