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Booyah Toadrunner Booyah Toadrunner
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Zoom Frog Zoom Frog 4" (Super Plastic)
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Zoom Horny Toad Zoom Horny Toad
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Frog Fishing for Bass

Guide on Frog Fishing

Frog fishing is one of the most exhilarating techniques used to target largemouth bass. Frog fishing includes the use of topwater frog lures designed to imitate the small creatures, such as frogs and toads, that often find their way into the water, but rarely make it back to shore. Many years ago, anglers discovered that big bass lived in extremely heavy vegetation that was difficult to penetrate. Those bass would often only show themselves when breaking the water's surface to engulf a small frog as it crawled over a grass mat. Those observations lead to the design of hollow frog lures that were able to walk over the vegetation and draw vicious strikes from giant bass. The technique has since caught on and become a favorite of anglers all over the country, inspiring hundreds of frog lures and applicable gear to accompany them.

Hollow Topwater Frogs

Hollow frog lures are often used for bass fishing applications. Frog fishing, as its referred to among bass fishermen, commonly employs the hollow body frogs in this category. Hollow frog lures are designed to float atop the water's surface and are usually retrieved over vegetation where other lures would render useless or simply never reach the fish below. Typically, these lures are built around a double pronged hook and engineered to remain weedless until they are engulfed by the predator bass as it breaks the surface to attack the intruder. It is at that time the hollow design proves most ingenious as it collapses exposing the hooks and allowing anglers hook into the bass. Bass fishing with hollow topwater frogs is among the most exciting techniques as its a completely visual application that often results in vicious attacks.

Soft Plastic Frogs

Soft plastic frogs are often generalized as "horny toads" which was adopted by anglers from one of the most popular soft plastic frog models; Zoom's Horny Toad. Soft plastic frogs are generally designed to be retrieved atop water's surface creating a small bubble wake in the frog's path. Unlike hollow frogs, the soft plastic frogs need to be constantly retrieved or would begin to sink. Therefore, the soft plastic frogs are typically employed by anglers as search baits in order to cover a lot of water quickly. Anglers rig these baits weedlessly using the Texas style hook configuration and utilize them in areas of sparse vegetation such as reed fields, matted hydrilla or shallow water flats that hold various obstructions.

Hard Body Frogs

Hard body frogs are a hybrid lure of sorts combining the appeal of frog pattern lures with traditional hard topwater lures. Hard frog lures have a deep history in the bass fishing industry with some of the earliest lures designed to mimic the small amphibians anglers observed bass feeding upon. In recent years the rise in popularity of frog lures has been predominantly associated with the hollow body soft plastic frogs that provide a a way of reaching otherwise un-catchable bass that are buried in heavy vegetation or otherwise positioned in inaccessible locations. Their hard body cohorts are much different in both design and application. The hard body frogs typically display incredibly detailed paint finishes that are difficult to achieve on their soft plastic counterparts. Additionally, these lures commonly incorporate treble hooks which is better suited for open water applications.

Frog Fishing Gear

The most popular frog fishing tackle consists of the following gear:

  1. Minimum 7' heavy fast action rod
  2. High speed 7.1 reel
  3. Minimum 50lb braided line
  4. Hollow Body Frog