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Flip Clip (Bass Saver) 3 Pack

Flip Clip (Bass Saver) 3 Pack
Price: $4.49
- Flip Clip (Bass Saver) 3 Pack
- 3 Colors
- Fish Friendly

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Flip Clip (Bass Saver) 3 Pack

FlipClip™ Features

  • When attached to the anal fin, the FlipClip™ turns the fish over in your well
  • Clip is nickel-plated for durability and water resistance
  • Rubber coated to reduce the possibility of lead contamination and will not scratch your well
  • Unique colors allow the FlipClip™ to also be used as a culling tag at the same time
  • Large fish? Clip on two or more, weight and clip are matched to stay on all day
  • Helps any fish exhibiting signs of shock, stress or having difficulty maintaining equilibrium

    Fish Friendly. Angler Approved.

    After years of development, the FlipClip™ is the only non-invasive method to keep deep-caught fish stabilized in your live-well while their air bladder regulates.

    Just How Does it Work?

    When a bass is pulled from deep water, their air bladder is likely to swell, causing the fish to "belly up" in your live-well.

    By attaching the FlipClip™ to your fish's anal fin, the weight will cause your fish to be stabilized. This forces your fish's gills to remain submerged in the water.

    By having the FlipClip™ applied to your fish, it reduces their stress from limiting the amount of energy that would otherwise be spent to upright itself in your live-well.

    Research has shown that the FlipClip™ is an effective tool that greatly increases a fish's chances of survival.

    About the Clip of the FlipClip™

    The clip of the FlipClip™ is a very important element of the product. The nickel-plated clip provides the perfect amount of tension to firmly grasp the fin of your fish. The nickel-plating also prevents the clip from rusting.

    The 'teeth' of the clip are textured to create enough friction to not slide off the fin, while simultaneously preventing trauma.

    Live-Well Friendly

    The weighted portion of each FlipClip™ is rubber coated. This coating prevents scratching to the bottom of your live-well.

    Colors for Culling

    FlipClip™ 3-packs include three different colors. These colors allow FlipClips™ to also be used as a marker to identify the smallest fish within your live-well so you can quickly locate which fish should be thrown back, a process called culling.

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