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Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rigs (7 Models)

Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rigs
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- Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rigs
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Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rigs- 7 Models

The Haywire Rigs, from Fin Junkie Tackle, are eight-arm umbrella rigs designed to simulate a school of shad in a more natural manner than your standard umbrella rigs. Following the initial craze of the umbrella rigs, anglers began to desire something new, something different than the uniformity provided by your typical looking umbrella rig. Fin Junkie Tackle, a company of fishermen themselves, engineered an umbrella rig that more accurately mimicked the schools of shad bass feed upon. Their Haywire Rig utilizes 8 wires of varying lengths in order to present a more realistic school of baitfish, more tightly concentrated than the 5 wire - distinctly spread versions. This modification gives big fish an easier target to focus on as they can now almost guarantee they will get at least one of the shad from the tightly formed bait ball.

What's really neat about the Haywire Rig is that anglers can now place their hooked baits at the back of the formation - this has been the more productive setup for a few reasons. First, the hooked baits are now easiest for the fish to get allowing more hook-ups on strikes. Additionally, because the larger swimbaits are in the back of the pack, it gives fish more incentive to attack what appears to be an easy meal of the bigger shad as stragglers behind the pack. Some anglers have also said they believe it creates a two-tiered feeding cycle as if the larger forage were preying upon the smaller triggering an instinctual feeding of nearby predators. Whatever the reason, the 8-wire design has become the most popular for fishermen across the country.

When rigging the Fin Junkie Haywire Rig is very important to use a particular setup to get the best results out of the technique..With that in mind, the first 5 wires extending from the head are all going to be dummy baits - attached using the Owner CPS Spring Locks or Picasso Dummy Heads if you desire your rig to sink quicker or be fished deeper. As you examine the Haywire rig, you'll notice the wires are staggered, start with the first two small wires: we suggest rigging the immediate 2 wires with smaller baits such as the Keitech 2.8 Fat Swing Impact. The next three are best fished with a slightly larger bait - sticking with the Keitech brand and using the 3.8 Swing Impact Fat model. Lastly, your three remaining wires, the furthest from the line tie, are your actual baits with hooks - we like the Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact for these. The Keitech baits swim well at any speed and are very conveniently sized for this presentation.

The Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rig is a great choice for all of your umbrella rig fishing. We also offer a bladed version of the Haywire Rig for those who desire more flash to the presentation.

Haywire Rig Accessories

As mentioned, here is the optimal setup as we would rig the Haywire Rig.

  • Owner CPS Spring Locks - Medium (5)
  • Strike King Squadron Swimbait Heads - 1/4 - 3/8oz (2)
  • Keitech 2.8 Fat Swing Impact - (2) - Dummy Baits - No Hooks
  • Keitech 3.8 Fat Swing Impact - (3) - Dummy Baits - No Hooks
  • Keitech 4.8 Fat Swing Impact - (3) - Rigged

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Fin Junkie Tackle Haywire Rigs February 28, 2018
Reviewer: Jared from Redding  
My go to A-rig or umbrella rig. The 8 wire setup is my favorite and sometimes the fish like the extra flash with the blades and sometimes just the plain 8 wires works better. Having 8 baits really produces an awesome presentation that resembles a full bait ball. Great product at a very reasonable price! Thank you Monster Fishing Tackle for carrying the Fin Junkie products.

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Good A-rig June 29, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Kelseyville,Ca  
This haywire rig will put fish in your hands. I have caught over a hundred bass on one rig. I've fished it down to 2 dummies and 1 real swimbait with a hook. Still gets them in. Problem is it breaks down. I've had it break apart after just a few nice fish . Lost pieces upon cast and etc. That being said I've bought several regardless even while knowing it may break on me after use. I just try and be a little more careful with it when I'm landing my fish.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Haywire rig April 8, 2016
Reviewer: James Bane from Royal Oaks, CA United States  
Awesome rig I caught a lot of fish on it first day I threw it. Too bad it's not allowed in most tournaments due to it having more than 5 wires...

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