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Falcon Rods Mike McClelland Cara ST
Falcon Rods McClelland Cara ST
Starting at $249.99
- Falcon Rods McClelland Cara ST
- Models: 4 Casting
- Guides: Micro Guides
- Designed by Mike McClelland

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Falcon Rods Mike McClelland Cara ST

Featuring Falcon's newest, most sensitive blank material, the Mike McClelland Cara ST signature series is a line of casting rods designed by professional bass angler Mike McClelland. Comprised of four casting models, the Mike McClelland Cara ST signature series was created to meet the demands of specific bass fishing techniques that require a precise rod to fully realize the potential of the application. This new series of rods utilizes Falcon's most advanced rod blank to date which uses aero-space grade carbon material combined with a new resin process to deliver higher modulus and higher tensile material in a lighter, more responsive and sensitive rod.

The Falcon Cara ST McClelland Rods also possess micro guide technology. Over the past 5 years or so, micro guides have become increasingly popular among anglers because they offer a few benefits over the standard rod guides. First and foremost, the smaller micro guides are said to increase casting distance and accuracy due to a more focused path the line travels as it leaves the reel and flies through the air. Sensitivity is said to be increased as the line now sits direct against the blank and more effectively transmits feeling from the lure - whether that be a fish striking or a jig bumping through a particular type of cover. Additional consideration made for the Mike McCelland Cara ST series include Fuji blank-exposed reel seats that afford direct contact with the blank for anglers. Premium cork split grip handles finish out these bass fishing rods with exceptional balance and grip.

We offer the Falcon Rods Mike McClelland Cara ST Rods in four casting models - each rod has been meticulously built by McCelland to give him the best tool for that technique. See the chart below for rod specs.

Falcon Rods Mike McClelland Cara ST
Falcon Mike McClelland Series Rods Falcon Rods Mike McClelland Falcon Rods McClelland Signature Series Falcon Mike McClelland Casting Rods Falcon Cara ST Mike McClelland

Mike McClelland Jerkbait Rod


McClelland is known within bass fishing circles as one of the most skilled jerkbait fishermen on the pro ranks. His name has become synonymous with the technique due in large part to his line of jerkbaits from Spro lures. This rod displays all of the qualities desired in a jerkbait or ripbait rod. The 6' 8" rod possesses a medium-heavy action with a fast tip that allows anglers the ability to cast the light jerkbaits well, yet the parabolic bend that descreses the chance of pulling the hooks out of the fish.

Mike McClelland Swim Jig Rod


The Mike McClelland Swim Jig rod was designed for the swim jig technique; one of the most popular among tournament bass fishermen. The swim jig rod is 7' 2" in length and displays a medium heavy action with a fast taper. The fast tip is perfect for making accurate casts in and around cover; a common practice when fishing swim jigs.

Mike McClelland Heavy Cover Jig Rod


The Mike McClelland Heavy Cover Jig Rod was designed for pitching and skipping jigs into the heaviest cover such as brush, laydowns and docks. The heavy cover jig rod is 7'4" in length which offers the best of both worlds in strength and manageability. Longer rods pickup more line on hooksets and offer more power when fighting fish, however, rods that are too long may prove difficult to accurately cast lures to small targets. This rod is designated for jig between 1/2 and 1oz covering a broad spectrum of lures from grass jigs to flipping jigs or Texas rigged soft plastics.

Mike McClelland Flippin Stick


The Mike McClelland Flippin Stick was designed specifically for the flipping technique. The flipping stick is 7'6" in length and possesses a heavy action and a fast tip. McClelland designed this rod to his specs with the desire to create a strong flipping stick that wouldn't cause the fatigue caused by others on the market. This rod is light, sensitive and precisely balanced which results in the perfect flipping stick for a long day of bass fishing.

Model Name Power Action Guides Line Weight Lure Weight Length Handle
MMC-5F-168 Jerk Bait MH F 12 10-20 lb 1/4 to 3/4 oz 6’8” S
Mike specifically designed this rod to fish suspending jerk baits but it also works well for small crankbaits and popping style top-waters.
MMC-5F-172 Swim Jig MH F 12 10-17 lb 1/8 to 3/8 oz 7’2” S
Mike says this is “the” all-purpose rod. Throw a spinnerbait, swim jig, fluke, or jig. Use it for almost any shallow water application.
MMC-6-174 Heavy Cover Jig H MF 13 15-30 lb 1/2 to 1 oz 7’4” S
This is the best “football jig” rod Mike has ever used. You can also fish a big spinnerbait or Carolina rig with it.
MMC-7-176T Flippin’ Stick’ H F 13 15-30 lb 3/8 to 11/4 oz 7’6” S
A true flipping stick, Mike uses this Cara to flip grass, bushes, and any other heavy cover you come across.

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