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Dobyns Bass Rods

Dobyns Rods is the brain child of Gary Dobyns who has honed his skills through decades of tournament fishing. Gary ‘s knowledge of all fishing techniques has led to his over 100 major tournament victories, this same knowledge is built into every Dobyns rod. Yet, it is Gary’s insistence on adhering to strict design principles and minimal manufacturing tolerances that has raised the level of rod performance and quality throughout the fishing industry.

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If Gary’s knowledge wasn’t enough, he has worked hand in hand with Mike Long and Randy McAbee to build the best swimbait and deep cranking rods on the market. Mike Long has caught over one third of the largest 100 bass ever caught and is a swimbait trendsetter. Randy McAbee has used the crankbait to win many major tournaments and capture the 2007 National Guard Western Series Angler of the Year.

Dobyns Rods offers four full lines of rods a Champion Series, Champion Extreme Series, Savvy Series and the newest Coalition Weapon Series. Included within these four series’ of rods are multiple rods for every bass fishing technique from the lightest split shotting rod to the super powerful mag topwater and swimbait rods. However, these aren’t just rods for a particular technique, they are rods built for improving and maximizing your effectiveness with that technique. Each Dobyns line of rods has superior components and material to other rods in that price range from any other manufacturer. Take your fishing to the next level – use a Dobyns Rod!

Champion Extreme Series

The Dobyns Rods Champion Extreme Series of Rods features 25 models for all types of fishing applications. Including 10 spinning models and 15 casting models, the Champion Extreme Series was designed for the serious bass angler.

Champion Series

The Dobyns Rods Champion Series is Dobyns' flagship series of rods. Comprised of 45 rods, 34 casting and 11 spinning, the champion series offers technique specific rods designed to meet the unique needs of anglers all over the country. With pro-influenced design and test, the Champion Series is among the most complete rod lines on the market today. Anglers will appreciate the detail oriented design and precise balance displayed with these rods. The Champion Series features technique specific: Crankbait, Swimbait and Flipping rods.

Coalition Series

The Dobyns Rods Coalition Series is comprised of 8 rods, 5 casting and 3 spinning. The Coalition series features an aesthetically incredible design highlighted by the rods camo design. With premium components and a neat design the rods are sure to be a favorite among all bass fishermen. Dobyns' has partnered with the Army Bass Anglers organization in order to donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity that supports bass fishing among service men.

Savvy Series

The Dobyns Rods Savvy Series is comprised of 13 models of rods, 9 casting and 4 spinning. The Savvy Series is among the best values on the market today exhibiting a price tag below $150. If value is what you are after, consider the Dobyns Savvy series of rods.

Customer Service

Gary Dobyns believes that if fishermen trust his company to provide the best rods on the market, then they expect the best performance from those rods for many years to come. His old-school attitude about warranties is reflected in Dobyns Rods warranty policy below. Dobyns Rods certainly hopes you will never need to take them up on their warranty but things happen and if you ever need to file a warranty claim with Dobyns Rods, you can expect the best customer service in the industry!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank You for purchasing your new Dobyns Rod! You'll be pleased to know that Dobyns Rods are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Please present your sales receipt or proof of purchase when making your warranty claim. Ship the complete damaged rod in a disposable container, prepaid and insured, directly to:

Dobyns Rods
1282 Stabler Lane, Ste. 630
Yuba City, CA. 95993

Please include a brief message explaining the problem with the rod, your return address, daytime phone number and a check or money order in the amount of $20 to cover return shipping and handling. If the return shipping destination is other than the United States or Canada, the actual return shipping cost will be assessed.

If the problem is due to a defect in materials or workmanship, the rod will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. If the problem is due to an unfortunate accident, misuse, alteration or normal wear and tear, Dobyns will advise you of the cost of the repair or replacement and await your approval prior to proceeding. Should Dobyns decide to replace the rod but no longer offer that model, we will replace it with the closest comparable model from Dobyns Rods current product line.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover consequential damages due to the failure of the rod unless they are specifically included under various state laws.

Warranty Claim Form

Have you ever heard of a fisherman returning a rod for warranty and it just disappears? Several months pass, and the angler is frustrated by the rod company's ineffective efforts to “find” the broken rod. It happens.

At Dobyns Rods, they want to make sure your rod is properly handled and in the quickest time frame possible. No disappearing rods here! If you mail your rod directly to Dobyns Rods, or if you go through one of Dobyns' dealers, this “Warranty Claim Form” is your ticket to the fastest service possible. Please take a moment to download and complete it before returning the damaged rod. It provides Dobyns Rods with important information, including the best way to contact you as well as the correct address for returning your repaired rod or its replacement. You don't HAVE to use this form, Dobyns is just offering it to protect your experience with the Dobyns Rods company so please include it with your damaged rod. Thank you.

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