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Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash 6.6"

Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash
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Monster Fishing Tackle - Exclusive

Price: $59.99
- Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash
- Length: 6.6"
- Weight: 2oz
- Sink Rate: Low Float (Doesn't sink without addition of tape weights)

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Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash

A scaled down version of Division Rebel Tackles cult favorite swimbait, the Tiny Klash provides big bait anglers with a smaller option to more mimic forage species all across the country. When the original Klash was released, we declared it to possess the highest degree of engineering ingenuity and precision we'd ever come across in a swimbait. Now after a year of increasingly popularity and dozens of teener fish across the world, DRT is ready to impress once again with the 6.6" Tiny Klash.

Unlike the original, the DRT Tiny Klash has only one "sink" rate - a lo float which positions the body mostly under the water's surface with only the back of the bait out of the water. Otherwise, much of the bait remains the same in terms of the lip removal or use and the tail positioning - up or down. Most anglers fish the bait with the lip in choosing to either crank it down erratically to scrape over cover just slightly or retrieving it very slowly on the surface as a wake bait. Essentially, if you remove the lip it is going to fish like a glide bait capable of being fished very slowly and methodically or violently with rips of the rod's tip or increase in reel speed. Add a few tape weights such as Storm Suspend Strips and watch as the bait sinks slowly down.

The Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash is available in a single low float model. The bait measures 6.6" and weighs 2oz.

About the DRT Tiny Klash

Just the Facts:

  • Length: 6.6"
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Hooks: Owner ST-46 #1 (Front) - Owner ST-46 #2 (Back) - tin material, very light and sharp
  • Rattles: None - Silent

DRT Tiny Klash Lip

The Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash Lip is an important piece of the lure's engineering. Constructed out of ABS Plastic and designed with a keel on the underside, the Tiny Klash lip is removable allowing the bait to display different actions based on the users preference. We know what you are thinking when you hear the lip is removable... it's a gimmick or it lacks in quality. It's a genuine concern that we only had eased by real life testing both in the water and through rigorous strain tests. The lip can be bent and flexed over and over without any damage occurring and it easily sliding back in or out of the bait. Obviously, the material is subject to the laws of physics so if you impart blunt force on it from a direct hit to rocks or run it over with your car, it is going to result in damage, but from regular use it's essentially indestructible. The lip snaps into place with concentrated, yet gentle force and snaps out much the same way. Because of the manner in which the clasp was designed, the lip can be removed or added as many times as you wish without damage.

Tiny Klash Tail

The Tiny Klash Tail is another crucial element in lure's action and was perhaps even more painstakingly researched and tested than the lip itself. There's a expression from Latin that says, "The smallest things are the most important" - and we feel that is very accurate when describing the Tiny Klash as a whole and specifically when explaining how the the tail works. The easy part to understand is that the tail is a dense, durable plastic that fits in the bait securely and will remain in tact throughout it's life span under normal use. What may be a bit more difficult to explain is the change in action the tail's orientation causes. Division Rebel Tackles distinguishes them as Mode A and Mode B - Mode A features an upturned tail whereas Mode B has the tail turned down. While this may appear insignificant, it actually changes the way the bait moves through the water drastically; think of it like a rudder behind a boat. Below is a graphic showing the action of the bait when each tail mode is applied.

DRT Tiny Klash Tail Mode

Tiny Klash Retrieves

When using the DRT Tiny Klash the lip is going to make the bait display a more uniform action that resembles a big crankbait. Because the bait is a floater, the cranking technique is very popular for anglers trying to deflect off cover or just barely tick the top of grass. The guys from Division Rebel Tackles find using the bait with the lip in to be extremely effective during their years of experience. They typically crank the bait down and have it deflect off of cover or use rips of the rod to make the bait dart down a little. The big secret lately is the Nekosogi technique from Japan where anglers will crawl the Tiny Klash over the bottom just ticking the top ever so slightly. Give it a shot!

  • Lip in - Tail up: This is probably the most popular method of fishing the Tiny Klash. You'll crank it down like a crankbait and tick it over the top of grass and other structure.
  • Lip in - Tail down:Very unique action - instead of a side to side swim the body rolls back and forth all the while leaving a wake in it's path that is really cool looking. This is the wakebait setting we like for this bait.
  • Lip out - Tail up: This is going to be a walking topwater bait like a spook or frog with a bit more buoyancy and water disturbance.
  • Lip out - Tail down: Our early favorite way to fish the Tiny Klash on top, this configuration will allow anglers to do complete 180 degree turns that are something you have to see to believe.
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DRT Tiny Clash November 30, 2016
Reviewer: martin pafumi from paso robles, CA United States  
Product was as described and shipped fast!
Will definitely do business again!!

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Tiny klash November 21, 2016
Reviewer: Ryan Morlan from Anaheim, CA United States  
I love this bait get the v tails take the lip off 👍

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Drt Tiny Klash October 24, 2016
Reviewer: Johnny Ellis from Wendell, NC United States  
The Tiny Klash is the most versatile bait I've used in a while

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great action! May 10, 2016
Reviewer: David Keith from Peachland, NC United States  
Very versatile swimbaits.  I banged one of them on a rock and cracked it. Not too sure about the durability of these lures. The action is great.

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