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De-Fishing Soap Bar
De-Fishing Soap
Price: $5.99
- De-Fishing Soap Bar
- Size: 3oz Bar
- All natural - Biodegradable

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De-Fishing Soap Bar

There's no smell like the smell of bass on your hands. It is the sign of success and a good day on the water. However, once you get off the water you want that smell to be gone, De-Fishing Soap is the best way to wash your hands of that fishy smell. De-Fishing Soap is specially formulated to lift odors from hands and neutralize them. De-Fishing Soap does not mask odors, it completely eliminates them. It also works great on and off the water to get rid of the smell of wretched fishing scents so many of us use on our baits. Lingering odors on hands from handling fish and bait is a problem. Most anglers don't care for persistent fishy smells at social functions, the office, or in the days following fishing trips. Smelly hands rub off on home and auto upholstery and linger for weeks. De-Fishing Soap is specially formulated to eliminate fish and bait odors; just lather up, scrub (warm water and scrub brush is best), rinse, and repeat. De-Fishing Soap is guaranteed to remove even the most persistent smells including: anchovy, bass, catfish, carp, halibut, herring, mackerel, salmon, shrimp, squid, trout, yellowtail, tuna, and more. Nothing Compares! There is nothing worse than the smell of Smelly Jelly, Pro-Cure or other scents on your hands when you sit down for a quick bit to eat after a long day of fishing. De-Fishing soap is the easy answer. Also use before fishing! Anglers spend hours upon hours preparing tackle, tying up lures and making sure everything is just so, however, they often forget just how important the sense of smell is to fish and the negative effect unnatural scents can have on them. Gasoline, sunscreen, food - each have their own scent and none are found in nature. Use this soap before a day of fishing and at the very least you'll have some peace of mind knowing you did all you could to put the odds in your favor. If you're really hardcore, wash your hands with the soap then add a drop or two of fish attractant and rub it into your hands. Available in 3oz bar

  • De-Fishing Soap works on all fresh and saltwater fish and bait, guaranteed!
  • Use De-Fishing Soap in saltwater or fresh water (slightly lower lather in saltwater).
  • De-Fishing Soap has a low Ph value and is very gentle on hands.
  • Just lather up, scrub (warm water and scrub brush is best), rinse, and repeat.
  • De-Fishing Soap is completely biodegradable. It is made in the USA with all natural products. No animal products used.
  • Masks human odors from fish. Use before fishing too!
  • Contains Star Anise, a fish attractant.
  • Contains Australian Tea Tree oil, long used by aboriginals for healing cuts, burns, and infections.
  • Gentler on hands than regular soap
  • Comes in handy reusable and resealable container.
  • Convenient! One bar lasts most anglers all season.

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