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Cousins Tackle Tuna Clone 6" - 2.5oz

Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones 6"
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Price: $5.99
- Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones 6"
- Length: 6"
- Weight: 2.5oz
- Quantity: 1 per pack

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Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones 6"

The Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones are trolling skirts commonly used when trolling for Albacore on the west coast. Tuna Clones, regardless of manufacturer, are widely considered the best producer for all species of Tuna including the aforementioned Albacore which are now almost exclusively trolled for with the clones. These weighted Tuna Clones from Cousins Tackle, are designed to be run just below the surface when employing normal trolling speeds. Typically, here on the west coast we run a 6 clone spread and these classic silicone skirted clones are the absolute ideal attachment. Most serious Albacore anglers are well aware of the 7Strand clones prowess within the industry. 7 Strand has ceased to manufacture their popular product, however, Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones are made with the same classic design and high quality components, even better they are produced in today's hottest colors. They have even stepped up the detail to reach new heights that are going to really impress fishermen who had previously relied upon the older Englund models. The 6" Cousins Tackle Tuna Clones weigh 2.5oz and come 1 per pack. We've got all the hottest colors including Mexican Flag. We also sell them in bulk 4pk: Cousins Tuna Clones 4pk.

Tuna Clones for Albacore

Over the years, popular colors change with new colors becoming the "go-to" for Albacore fishermen, we've all seen the recent rise in the Mexican flag color and how scarce they have become. We are always asked if the Tuna Clone really matters, well, yes and no. Research by Dr. Kerstine Fritsches confirmed that many species of game fish are able to discern color differences with a range of vision below that of humans. Fish eye's are more sensitive to brightness and contrast, rather than the actual colors. Essentially, fish are color blind. However, like colorblind humans, they can see differences in colors depth very well. Therefore, on bright sunny days we always recommend bright colors - limes, yellows, fluorescent whereas on cloudy, overcast days we are more likely to suggest darker colors like Bruiser

In addition to color, lure size is of the utmost importance. Albacore are smaller tuna and lure size needs to be selected accordingly; one of the most popular choices is the 6" Tuna Clone. Two of their primary forage fish, the California Anchovy and smaller squid, are roughly 4-6" in length and therefore the 6" clone is about the right size to pique their interest. Most Tuna anglers employ a trolling spread of between 4 and 7 lures maintaining a speed of 6-9 knots. When trolling these lures, you are more or less pulling them across the surface hoping to appeal to the curiosity of the Albacore by creating a wake and blurring their overall appearance. As previously mentioned, fish can see a few colors and the contrast between them so this wake also serves the purpose of not letting the fish get a real good look at the offering. Again this plays upon the belief that contrast is important.

Albacore are believed to migrate to the west coast for the sole purpose of finding food for the entirety of their 4-6 month stay before their departure. They are some of the most opportunistic feeders the sea has to offer and are known to seek out forage whether they are truly hungry or not. The Albacore typically hang out in depths of 100 plus feet in order to enjoy lower water tempatures between meals. Often, they will travel all the way up to the surface to feed so it's important to get their attention.

Tuna Clone Rigging

We offer our own Tuna Clone Rigging Kits which include the exact components on this list, but are pre-made with the spring connection to the hook. There are several ways to rig the Tuna Clones, but there are a few which have become extremely popular here on the west coast. The first requires the following items.

  • 6' 150lb Monofilament
  • Crimp
  • 7/0 Mustad 7982HS Double Tuna Hook
  • High quality swivel
  • 3 - 4 Beads

This connection is rather simple, but great for hooking fish properly. Set up a 6 foot length of your monofilament and thread it through the Tuna Clone. Most tuna fishermen use a common rule of tying knots with line under 100lb and using a crimp over 100lb. 150lb falls under the crimp rule, however it can be tied if you are willing to work with it. For the purpose of this rigging, you will use the crimp right above the hook. A swivel is another optional accessory. If you choose to use a swivel crimp it as well.

Once you have your components laid out, cut a strand of 4-6 feet from your spool of Monofilament. Thread the Tuna Clone over the line leaving space on both sides to work with. Next, attach the solid O-Ring onto the double hook. Thread your monofilament through the o-ring and use your long crimp to crimp down the line. Make sure and crimp it a few times for security. Then take your other side of the leader, run the line through the swivel and secure into place with the small crimp. There you have it, one way to rig up your Tuna Clone.

Another possible rigging method uses the following items:

  • 6' 250lb Monofilament
  • Crimps - 1 Long, 1 Short
  • Twin Tuna Hook - Size #22
  • High quality swivel
  • Solid O-Ring

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