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Cocoons Eyewear

Cocoons is the world's leading brand of optical grade fitover sunglasses. As a pioneer of the fitover sunglass category, Cocoons' innovative features set the standard in comfort, performance and quality. A statement reiterated by our limited lifetime warranty.

More About Cocoons Eyewear

Cocoons are the world's only OveRx sunwear that utilize the proprietary Polaré lens system. The optically correct, scratch resistant lens material delivers optical properties that exceed the Class 1 European Standard, providing you with the highest grade optics available in eyewear. Polaré lenses exceed ANSI Z80.1 safety standards, the Australian sunglass standards and all FDA impact resistance standards. Cocoons sunwear features the proprietary Polaré lens system to deliver optical grade visual acuity and durability, unmatched by any other OveRx sunwear. Polaré lenses are scratch resistant and deliver 100% UV A and B protection.

The Polaré lens is recognized by eyecare professionals and eyewear specialists around the world as the leader in OveRx sunwear lens technology. All Cocoons sunglasses utilize the Polaré lens system and are backed by a manufacturer's one year scratch resistance warranty. Lenses are availabe in Polaré polarized amber, copper, yellow and gray tints. Non-polarized polycarbonate lenses (Low Vision Cocoons) are available in Hazelnut, Boysenberry, Lemon and Orange tints.

Reduce glare, sharpen colors, See the polarized difference! THE POLARIZED ADVANTAGE Light reflected from horizontal surfaces produces harsh glare that can greatly distort and hinder visual acuity. Polarized lenses act as a chemical "venetian blind" that eliminates blinding glare by rearranging the reflected light before it reaches the eyes. The Polaré lens system delivers maximum polarization efficiency to enhance visual performance while allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused.