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Big Bite Baits

Big Bite Baits manufactures many high quality bass fishing baits designed to simply catch more fish. Among their many products includes pro designed and tested soft plastic baits from some of the most established Bassmaster Elite Series anglers. Pro-staff members include Jeff Kriet, Dean Rojas and Russ Lane, each of which has designed their own signature series of baits.

Big Bite Baits Details

Big Bite Baits has worked closely with their pro-staff to develop baits that meet the needs of bass anglers everywhere. Their line includes several baits designed by Bassmaster Elite Series angler Dean Rojas.

Dean Rojas Fighting Frog

The Big Bite Fighting Frog is a soft plastic creature bait designed to mimic the appearance and action of frogs and other small creatures that bass feed upon. Dean Designed this bait as a compliment to his topwater frog; the fighting frog is traditionally used for subsurface techniques. The Fighting Frog performs best when used for flipping, pitching or as a jig trailer. The ultra soft plastic composition allows the bait's appendages free motion while gliding through the water resulting in incredible action.The flat design of the main body creates a truly unique, slow glide free fall that entices many strikes from stubborn bass.

Dean Rojas Cane Thumper

The Big Bite Cane Thumper is a soft plastic swimbait designed for shallow, sparse vegetation that makes up the large grass flats typically found in Florida, Georgia and other southern states. Anglers will realize best results when retrieving the Cane Thumper across the surface leaving a v-wake in its path. When Texas rigged with a large EWG hook, the bait will fish nearly weedless and can be cast into just about any vegetation. The resulting strikes from a topwater retrieval can be heart-stopping.

Dean Rojas Warmouth

The Big Bite Warmouth is a soft plastic bait designed for the bed fishing and flipping techniques that Dean Rojas has proven himself proficient with. The Warmouth was the primary bait used by Dean Rojas in his 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series win on Toledo Bend.

Wacky Stick

The Big Bite Wacky Stick is a unique stick bait featuring an O-Ring incorporated into the plastic pour of the bait. The Wacky Stick affords anglers ease of use as it eliminates the need for rigging up stick baits with the rubber o-rings. Simply thread the hook through the o-ring and its ready to fish.