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About BasStar

BasStar is committed to produce innovative, high-quality fishing tackle for fishermen of all experience levels. The whole BasStar staff is comprised of anglers who seek to advance fishing to a whole new level. BasStar strives to deliver a leading edge while staying true to the sport without the hype and false promises.

BasStar introduced the Worlds First Rotating Treble Hook (SpinTech) – the result of years of extensive research and engineering. The SpinTech Treble Hook reduces the chances of losing fish that spit out the hook. When hooked, fish are known to fight aggressively, subjecting the lure and hook through a lot of stress. Typical treble hooks attached to lures suffer limited range in angular rotation. In effect, they lock up in multiple positions and experience unnecessary leverage and torque that pry hooks out of fish’s mouths. SpinTech’s unique ability to rotate infinitely in either direction eliminates the locking problem completely. SpinTech hooks reposition themselves with the changing momentum of struggling fish. Simply put, SpinTech improves positive hook sets and provides more fluid control over fish, no matter how hard they fight.

SpinTech Treble hooks are constructed with the line tie pin dropping directly down the center of the treble hook, so they remain balanced on any lure or bait and promote maximum performance. They are available in both freshwater and saltwater versions, and in standard or red finishes. Current size selections include #6, #4, #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. More sizes will be available soon.