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BaitSmith Soft Plastic Lures and Swimbaits
Soft bait lures and quality swimbaits is what BaitSmith does best. BaitSmith's soft plastic swimbait lures have been successfully used in catching large bass, catfish, striped bass, pike, and walleye throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. Our swimbaits, whether it is the Original 6 Inch Hitch series BaitSmith, or the BaitSmith Madgill series, or the BaitSmith 5 Inch Shad, or the BaitSmith 9.5 Magnum Trout BaitSmith baits will be the tools you use to catch a fish of a lifetime.
At BaitSmith they hold their manufacturing and quality assurance to the highest standards while keeping their baits completely hand made in the United States. If you target a freshwater predatorial game fish BaitSmith has the soft bait for you.
Please notice the attention to detail, the perfect prey fish profiles and the detail in the paint patterns in the BaitSmith product line. BaitSmith puts the work into them to maximize your success while using them and to ensure the confidence comes naturally.
BaitSmith, they are known for their quality and their undisputed ability to catch quality fish.