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Avet Reels

Avet Reels have been setting new standards in reel design and performance since their inception nearly a decade ago. We continue set new benchmarks with innovations like our 2-speed lever drag casting reels, an industry first, our patented M.C. Cast adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system, and our new Raptor series reels that produce nearly twice the drag output of our original Avet Reels...Again raising the bar for all high performance, large game casting reels.Our EX Series Big Game trolling Reels continue to be the choice for serious off-shore sport fishing and big game tournament anglers world-wide because of their durability, proven performance, and power.

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Avet HX 2-Speed Reels Avet JX 6.0 Reels Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reels Avet LX 4.6 Reels
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Starting at 369.99
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Avet Reels HX 5/2 Avet Reels JX 60 Avet Reels JX 63 Avet Reels LX 46
Avet LX 6.0 Reels Avet LX 6/3 2-Speed Reels Avet MXJ 5.8 Reels Avet MXJ 6/4 2-Speed Reels
Starting at 259.99
Starting at 379.99
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Avet Reels LX 60 Avet Reels LX 63 Avet Reels MXJ 58 Avet Reels MXJ 64
Avet MXL 5.8 Reels Avet MXL 6/4 2-Speed Reels Avet Reel Cases Avet Reel Covers
Starting at 219.99
Starting at 309.99
Starting at 69.99
Starting at 14.99
Avet Reels MXL 58 Avet Reels MXL 64 Avet Reel Cases Avet Reel Covers
Avet SX 5.3 Reels Avet SX 6/4 2-Speed Reels
Starting at 189.99
Starting at 269.99
Avet Reels SX 5.3 Avet Reels SX 64

All Avet Reels feature components precision machined in the USA from solid 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, and solid stainless steel stock, with incredible strength and corrosion resistance engineered into their design. All Aluminum components are anodized for superior corrosion resistance, as well as beautiful finishes. Avet Reels are designed for easy take-down and maintenance, with no springs or small parts that "go airborne" and disappear during basic disassembly. Avet reels are not only built well, they perform. Our over-sized carbon fiber Avedrag Dry Drag System gives Avet Reels something no other lever drag reel has, an ultra smooth and powerful drag system with the ability to free spool at a full drag setting. Eight precision stainless steel ball bearings give Avet Reels incredible smoothness, increased casting distance, and superior free spool.

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