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Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reels

Avet Reels JX 63
Starting at $369.99
- Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reels
- Models: Standard or M.C. (Magic Cast)
- Colors: Black, Blue, Gold and Silver
- 2-Speed variable retrieve - 6.1:1 / 2.8:1

Avet Reels

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Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reels

The Avet JX 6/3 Reels are two speed saltwater lever drag reels designed to meet the demands of big game species of fish. The 2-speed JX Reels from Avet are designed to offer the best attributes of both the high speed and low speed gear ratio options all in a single reel. Avet JX 2-speed reel models include all of the quality features of their single speed reels, but with all the benefits afforded by 2-speeds. The simple, yet reliable gear shift mechanism built into the 2-speed JX models is so easy to operate that it becomes second nature almost immediately. The push button located at the center of the handle arm permits shifting between the high and low gears without your hand ever leaving the handle knob, and can be shifted with or without pressure, so you can shift while cranking, or when a fish is running.

The benefits of a two speed reel are becoming increasingly obvious to deep sea anglers. Big game saltwater fishermen have long known there is no substitute for the power afforded by low speed gear retrieves typically present in retrieve speeds of 5.3 or lower - fighting fish without that power is an uphill battle. However, the need for a quicker retrieval of lures and bait has lead to interest in the higher gear ratios commonly found in freshwater fishing reels. Combining the two delivers the best of both worlds: make more presentations and get more bites with the high speed 6.0:1 gear ratio and when those bites come bring the power by flipping over to the lower 2.8 gear speed. The engineering of this reel leaves nothing to be desired - all off the necessary components, strength and fishability constructed within a no-nonsense minimal aluminum frame.

The JX 2-Speed Reels were created by Avet to handle 40-50lb test applications delivering the power needed to handle any brute the saltwater has to offer. While the power of the reel is impressive, what may be more incredible is the castability - rarely does a reel combine the both with such synergy. The JX 2-speed reels are quality throughout. The overall light weight of the reels is achieved through the use of a single piece precision-machined aluminum frame. Avet removed all the unnecessary weight, yet maintained the rigidity demanded by the pure strength of big game species of fish. In addition to the rigid frame, the JX reels strength is also evident in the offset, machine handle arm and extra large handle which keep all of the anglers force focused on fighting the fish and not the gear. The reel possesses up to 15lb of drag while in free spool with a maximum of 20lbs when fully clamped down - more than enough power for any applicable use. Avet JX Reels 2-speed design affords fishermen the ability to easily switch from the high speed 6.1:1 gear ratio down to the 2.8:1 with a single flip of the switch - speed for retrieval and power for fighting the fish. Avet's proprietary Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags exhibit superior stopping power, smoothness and wear resistance - providing flawless fishability. We recommend the Avet JX to anglers targeting species such as: Tuna, Wahoo, . The JX 6.0 possesses a light, narrow spool design which really shines when casting and retrieving jigs. We offer the Avet JX 6/2 2-Speed Reels in both the standard and M.C. (Magic Cast) versions in four colors: Black, Blue, Gold and Silver. Left hand models are only offered in the silver color of both standard and MC versions.

Avet JX 6/3 M.C. Models

Avet's revolutionary M.C. Cast (Magic Cast) adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system is available as an option on all of the 6/3 2-Speed JX reels - You'll notice they are distinguished by the MC designation in the product option. The M.C. Cast control system incorporates Avet's Patented Adjustable Intensity Polar Amplification Technology to create the most efficient and easy to use cast control system for a conventional style reel. From the lightest bait to heavy lures, the M.C.Cast Control System is simple to use, even if you have never before cast a conventional style reel. Simply place your thumb on the spool to cast, swing, remove your thumb from the spool and let it fly! You will only need to thumb the spool when the lure hits the water.

Avet 6/3 JX Reel Features
  • Lever Drag control system with pre-set drag feature
  • New cast control system only available from Avet Reels (prevention of backlash and as an line out adjustment for live bait fishing)
  • 100% machined, Type 2 anodized, True-One piece aluminum frame
  • 8 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Stainless steel fasteners, springs, clips
  • Stronger design with larger line capacity in its class
  • All new revolutionary, extremely stable AveDrag drag washer with smooth control at all conditions
  • Proudly designed, machined and assembled in USA

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