Lew's Reel Warranty
Lew's Reel Warranty Information

Lew's Reel Warranty Information

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When you receive your new Lew’s® product, register your warranty within 30 days by completing and mailing the Warranty Registration Card included.

Should your Lew’s® product cease to function flawlessly, return it to Lew’s® Speed Service™ postage pre-paid.  Include a note indicating the nature of the issue, your name, return address and an e-mail address or daytime phone number where a member of Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team can easily contact you.  Package your Lew’s® product securely and send to:

Lew’s Speed Service
2333 E. Bennett
Springfield, MO 65804

Repaired or replaced warranty-qualified Lew’s® products will be returned at no additional expense to you.  Otherwise, a member of the Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team will contact you with an estimated cost for parts, service, and return shipping to you for any repairs required outside the scope of Lew’s® Warranty.  Your payment of the estimated repair costs will be Lew’s® authorization to complete repairs and return the product to you.


The Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team will promptly review your Lew’s® product, verify warranty registration information and diagnose the nature and scope of repairs required.  Lew’s® products covered by Lew’s® Warranty will be repaired or replaced and return shipped within three working days of receipt.  Repairs required outside the scope of Lew’s® warranty will be estimated and you will be contacted within three working days of receipt.  Once repair authorization is received, Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team will complete repairs and ship your Lew’s® product to you within two working days.


Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team has more than a century of combined experience in Fishing Tackle Repair, Design, and Customer Service.  In addition, Lew’s® networks worldwide with experts, proven as industry leaders for a decade or more, in the fishing tackle development, manufacturing, and service communities.  Your Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team listens, evaluates, resolves and produces unsurpassed results.


Lew’s® is committed to servicing all products we sell at the most economical value to our customers.  Lew’s® first class warranty, discount parts, extended service policy, low cost replacement products and a “Do it Right, Do it Fast” motto are more ways Lew’s® products truly remain the best tackle value.


Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team stands behind its repairs and replacements.  You can be assured the Lew’s® products repaired or replaced by the Lew’s® Speed Service™ Team will function flawlessly.