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The Fred Arbogast Company was founded in 1930 by a man whose first love was fishing. You might even say Fred lived, breathed and dreamed fishing. His interest in the sport began as a favorite hobby and grew to be the focus of a successful business.

Fred Arbogast's determination to outwit the finny tribe was born one day when he was twelve years old. He and his father rode by horse and buggy (for this was 1906) to a lake near Akron where they fished all day -- only to return empty-handed. Young Fred felt dejected, yet determined that he would learn al he could about this challenging and sometimes frustrating, sport of fishing. And, he did.

Fred's commitment to producing quality fishing lures lives on. Now one of the most popular lure companies in America, the Arbogast Lure Company produces hundreds of different lures for sportfishing. Arbogast lures have been in the boat and on the docks with the American fishing public for almost 75 years

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