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13 Fishing 22nd Century 3:16 Lures

13 Fishing

13 Fishing is the manufacturer of high quality fishing rods, most notably their two series of bass fishing rods which range from the premium Envy series to the reasonably priced 100 dollar Omen rods. Each series is comprised of rods to comprehensively cover bass fishing techniques with casting and spinning rods ranging from ultra finesse to extra heavy flipping sticks. Additionally, 13 Fishing offers high quality apparel including t-shirts, hoodies and hats. Their No. 8 brand is geared toward the budget conscious angler with rods and reels for around $50.

13 Fishing Warranty
13 Fishing Rods
13 Fishing Rods
13 Fishing Reels
13 Fishing Reels
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13 Fishing Apparel
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13 Fishing Trickshop

3:16 Lures

4G Bait Co. 4x4 Bass Jigs 5 Bites

4x4 Bass Jigs

4x4 Jigs is a proud family owned and family operated business with 39 years of experience in bait making that lead their company to select better colors, sizes and quality. Their jigs have been a secret of professional bass anglers for the past eight years. Each jig has been tested throughout the U.S. on both Bass Master Elite Series and FLW tours. 4x4 Jigs is best known for their unique color schemes and quality. They strive to make the best product for customers. Good luck on the water and remember " 4x4 Bass Jigs pulls in the big ens!"

4x4 Jigs models include designs by professional anglers including Randall Tharp, Brandon McMillan and Kevin Hawk. Anyone familiar with these anglers knows they demand the highest quality products and 4x4 jigs delivers. Stout hooks, proper colors and excellent construction results in productive lures.

6th Sense AA Worms Abt Lures

6th Sense Lures

6th Sense Lures is the manufacturer of high quality fishing products including lures and terminal tackle. 6th Sense is highly regarded by bass fishermen due to the high level of quality displayed by each of their products. Perhaps their most popular products, the Crush Crankbaits have been responsible for numerous tournament wins across the country and continue to win anglers over with their detailed paint job and natural actions right out of the package. 6th Sense Crankbaits are very high quality and retail for much less than similar style crankbaits from other manufacturers.

AA Worms

ABT Lures

Abu Garcia Accu-Cull Accurate Fishing

Abu Garcia

Rods and Reels

Abu Garcia is the manufacturer of rods and reels including the revo series of low profile reels. Abu Garcia's line of products includes rods and reels for bass fishing applications.

Accu Cull Culling Tools

Accurate Fishing

Rods and reels from Accurate Fishing.

Acme Adventure Medical Kits Aero Jig

Acme Lures

Acme Lures, manufacturer of the ever popular Kastmaster.

Adventure Medical Kits

AeroJig Lures

A manufacturer of hair jigs for steelhead fishing, Aero Jig incorporates unique textures and styles to differentiate themselves within the steelhead jig market. Jigs include hair from deer, marabou and more.

AFTCO Clothing AFW Ahi USA

AFTCO Fishing

Since 1958, The American Fishing Tackle Company, AFTCO, has had one goal: produce quality offshore fishing tackle and premium fishing gear. What started more than 50 years ago in a pioneer's Newport Beach basement, turned machine shop, is now driven forward by a devoted group of Southern Californian saltwater fishing enthusiasts. As sport fishing has progressed, so have our products. Our line of saltwater fishing gear, with the cornerstone AFTCO roller guides and durable saltwater fishing shorts, has evolved into a complete line of saltwater fishing tackle and clothing. In addition to AFTCO's own line of offshore fishing equipment, AFTCO is the manufacturer of all Al Agnew and Guy Harvey shirts & apparel. With equal parts passion for deep sea fishing and concern for our ocean resources, the AFTCO and Guy Harvey clothing lines donate more than $350,000 each year to ocean conservation and fishing issues. From our big game fishing tackle to our performance offshore gear and clothing, AFTCO has long been both a foundation and a source of innovation for the fishing community.

AFW - American Fishing Wire

All Fishin-US American Angler Knives Angler's Market

American Angler Knives

Angler's Market

Angler's Market is dedicated to making your fishing more productive and easier. Angler’s Market products are manufactured for specific species with your success at the forefront of all their lure designs. With their Internal Tube Technology as the basis of all their lure designs, anglers will find the highest quality components incorporated to create the most uniquely effective lures on the market today. All Angler’s Market products are designed to be “Deadly In Presentation” affording users the best chance at success for their specific application.They have come up with an innovative way to make action lures more effective and less troublesome to fish with. Their unique internal tube system allows for better action of spinners, wobblers and jigs while reducing the line twist and subsequent line abrasion. Angler's Market has developed a method of integrating a living silicone skirt into the lure's designs that provides more action than the traditional hackle tailed or hootchie squid type lures. Angler's Market is committed to the pursuit of perfection; perpetually seeking out innovative design methods, lure enhancements and fishing strategies that help you catch more fish.

AquatekO Aquaz Arbogast Lures

The Fred Arbogast Company was founded in 1930 by a man whose first love was fishing. You might even say Fred lived, breathed and dreamed fishing. His interest in the sport began as a favorite hobby and grew to be the focus of a successful business.

Fred Arbogast's determination to outwit the finny tribe was born one day when he was twelve years old. He and his father rode by horse and buggy (for this was 1906) to a lake near Akron where they fished all day -- only to return empty-handed. Young Fred felt dejected, yet determined that he would learn al he could about this challenging and sometimes frustrating, sport of fishing. And, he did.

Fred's commitment to producing quality fishing lures lives on. Now one of the most popular lure companies in America, the Arbogast Lure Company produces hundreds of different lures for sportfishing. Arbogast lures have been in the boat and on the docks with the American fishing public for almost 75 years

Arctic Shield Ardent Atlas Mike's Bait

Arctic Shield

Ardent Reels

Atlas Mikes Bait

Atlas Mike's Bait is the company behind some of the most popular fish attractant scents on the market today. The company also makes net and thread for steelhead and salmon bait sacks.

ATTIC Bait Button BaitCloud

About ATTIC Lures

It has been almost 30 years since I started making lures. At one point, because of my experiences, I thought I mastered this art - but more I tried something new, I found out that there's absolutely no limitations of lure building...It's same for every professions - the more you put into it, you'll receive more in return.  That’s the fun part of this game. Things are constantly evolving every day; anglers’ skills, materials, production methods etc., I must keep up with the latest and greatest. Our products are based on real-time decisions - in order to make the best lures possible, materials, parts and methods can change at times. This method is very uncommon for mass-productions, but it is naturally the only way we do things here at the ATTIC; we are true hand-craft lure builders. Again, things are evolving daily.  If I find something better, my job is to apply it for the better future. - ATTIC, CEO Toshiharu Takasu

Bait Buttons

BaitSmith Baksyn Bass Assassin

Bass Assassin

Bass Fishing Lures

Bass Mafia Bass Patrol Bassaholics

Bass Mafia

When you've had enough of the standard utility boxes, it's time to take a look at the Bass Mafia line of lure storage options. Constructed using extremely durable plastic, Bass Mafia lure storage boxes seek to improve upon the tired, flimsy utility boxes most anglers assume to be the only option. Engineered with reinforced sides, metal pinion hinges and oversized snaps - all features you won't find in your standard lure boxes. Furthermore, Bass Mafia has some fun with their products as evidenced by their names which include the coffin, casket and body bag and the black/red color displayed by the coffin models. Best of all, your hooks will remain in tip-top shape thanks to the waterproof design that keeps moisture out and lets you tie on your crankbait with confidence.

Bass Patrol

Bass Patrol is the manufacturer of some of the most popular bass fishing jigs on the market today. Their high quality jigs possess an affordable price tag that consumers love and the detailed color patterns are equally appreciated by big bass.


Bassaholics is a line of premium fishing apparel for the dedicated trophy bass hunters. Bassaholics is the manufacturer of t-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets and several other apparel items. If you are a dedicated bass angler, the Bassaholics line of clothing is for you. Show your pride for bass fishing on and off the water with their fashionable designs.

BasStar Basstrix Baits Bead Tackle

Basstrix Swimbaits

Basstrix is the manufacturer of high quality hollow plastic lures including swimbaits, tubes and drop shot baits. Their most renowned product, the Paddle Tail Tube Swimbait, started the hollow body swimbait craze and continues to be one of the top selling swimbaits in the country today.

Beau Mac Bellingham Glove Company Berkley

Beau Mac Fishing

Bellingham Gloves

Berkley Fishing

Pure Fishing: Berkley

Beyond Coastal Sun Care Big Bill Workwear Big Bite Baits

Beyond Coastal Sun Care

Big Bite Baits

Big Bite Baits manufactures many high quality bass fishing baits designed to simply catch more fish. Among their many products includes pro designed and tested soft plastic baits from some of the most established Bassmaster Elite Series anglers. Pro-staff members include Jeff Kriet, Dean Rojas and Russ Lane, each of which has designed their own signature series of baits.

Big Hammer Bill Lewis Lures Biwaa Lures

Bill Lewis Lures

The company behind the wildly popular Rat L Trap lipless crankbaits which have been a best seller for over 40 years. The Rat L Trap is still one of the most relied upon bass fishing crankbaits throughout the year proving its effectiveness in just about any conditions. The Rat L Trap has become so popular on places like Sam Rayburn that you'll rarely find a bass fisherman without one tied on. From the early season red traps to late season chrome, the Bill Lewis Rat L Trap crankbaits are a must have for bass fishing.

Biwaa Lures

Biwaa Fishing Performance is a French brand which was created by the Alexandre brothers, first class competitors. Biwaa lures are innovative concepts which have been developed to answer back to situations that occurred when fishing. They will bring you technical solutions with unrivaled results. Biwaa's vocation is to propose lures that will make the difference and will allow you to beat records. When fishing gets harder and fish do not respond to your promptings, then it is the ideal moment to start fishing with Biwaa and discover the enormous possibilities of our lures. You will understand at that very moment that tracking down carnivores is their passion and that in every creation of theirs, there is a little of their souls.

Black Dog Baits Blackwater Blade Runner

Black Dog Baits

Black Dog Baits made a splash on the scene with their initial offerings of the Shellcracker and Lunker Punker. The Shellcracker, a jointed topwater bluegill imitator produces a v-wake that draws strikes from giant bass. Their other wildly popular bait is the Lunker Punker. The Lunker Punker is a topwater glide bait that exhibits an exaggerated side to side action replicating the movements of recently stocked trout or gizzard shad loitering on the surface.

Bladerunner Tackle

Blade-Runner Tackle is the manufacturer of several fishing products including their most well known offering the Duh! Spoon.

Blue Fox Boat Bling Bobby Garland Lures

Boat Bling

Bobby Garland Lures

Bobby Garland was a legend in the fishing world. Garland was a well-known and very well respected bass fisherman, who was responsible for a number of innovative lure designs including the Gitzit and Spider Grub. After selling his bass fishing company in the late 90's, Garland still had the itch to produce lures of some kind so he went back to work and developed panfish lures inlcude the Split Tail and Baby Shad crappie soft plastics that hit production lines in 2001. Sadly, Garland died in 2006 at age 67, but he left a legacy within the fishing world that is rare - he is recognized for both his fishing prowess and his incredibly brilliant lure designs. After his death, Gene Larew Lures acquired the Bobby Garland product line in January 2007 and intends to keep the newly acquired brand specific to crappie baits and accessories. Among the most popular items in the Garland lineup today are the Baby Shad, Split Tail and Slab Dockt'R.

If you're a serious panfish or Crappie angler, you need to check out the baits from Bobby Garland Lures. You will not be disappointed.

Boing Lures Bomber Boneyard Baits

Boing Lures

Boing Lures is the manufacturer of several high quality topwater bass fishing lures which utilize a special internal knocker to create a realistic baitfish sound.

Checkout the video below to see Boing Lures in action.

Bomber Fishing Lures

Bomber fishing lures offers a full range of crankbaits, minnows, jerkbaits, plugs and Slab Spoons to give you the right bait for any job. With durable construction and reliable productivity, Bomber fishing lures are known for bringing in trophy fish. For bass fishing, walleye fishing, trout fishing and more, you'll want to have Bomber fishing baits on hand for reeling in the big ones. It's no surprise that these saltwater and freshwater fishing lures have become a top choice among competitive anglers.
From Model As and Long As to the Fat Free Shad lure family, you won't find a more productive or versatile line of high-quality crankbaits - including just about every diving depth, running style and color imaginable. These hard-plastic fishing lures have superior true-running characteristics. Plus, Bomber lures come in a wide array of colors, and feature reflective finishes and exceptional components.
When you want a fishing lure with convincing action that big fish will eagerly attack, choose Bomber baits.

Boneyard Baits

Boomerang Tool Boone Booyah Baits

Boomerang Tool Company

The Boomerang Tool Company is the manufacturer of fishing tools including their wildly popular Snip line cutters. The Snip Tool has become one of the must have fishing tools for all fishermen due to its safety, ease of use and convenient key ring lanyard that enables users to keep it handy at all times.

Boone Fishing Tackle

Boone specializes in saltwater sportfishing lures and accessories. All Boone products are developed in Florida, the home base of US gamefishing. Boone products are high-quality and respected by gameboat captains worldwide. Boone Bait Company has been producing lures for more than 60 years. Boone holds the distinction of being the first lure company to produce soft plastic baits and Boone lures hold many fish record captures.

Booyah Baits

Booyah Baits - Your Best Bet for Bass Fishing. For the ultimate action out on the lake, make sure you're fishing with BOOYAH Baits. BOOYAH jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits feature exclusive designs and built-to-last construction. Just ask Bassmaster Classic Champion Alton Jones, who won the coveted tournament using a BOOYAH A-Jig and BOOYAH Pigskin Jig. BOOYAH spinnerbaits have just the right action to lure in the big fish, and BOOYAH fishing jigs are versatile enough to fish year round. Plus, these enticing fishing baits come in just the right colors and profiles to get the best results. If you love bass fishing and can't resist the heart-pounding thrill of reeling in the big ones, BOOYAH is your brand of fishing lures. Professional anglers trust BOOYAH fishing baits to up their chances of tournament success. From Alton Jones to Timmy Horton, champions know that big bass love Booyah. These bass fishing lures are meticulously designed for maximum effectiveness, and constructed out of the best materials out there. Why risk using inferior baits? You can be sure your day won't be a waste with enticing spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs from BOOYAH fishing baits.

Boss Gloves Brad's Killer Fishing Gear Bradley Smoker

Brad's Killer Fishing Gear

Bradley Smoker

Bradley Smoker makes it simple for the expert or novice and meat smoker to create gourmet quality smoked food. Get perfect results every time you smoke. Bradley Smoker products include accessories, bisquettes and racks for Bradley Smokers. We carry a deep inventory of the smoking bricks or bisquettes in many of the most popular flavors.

Braid Products Bubba Blade Buck Knives

Braid Products

Although Braid Products now includes more than 400 products in its inventory, it really began in the lure arena when his first big sellers were casting lures wahoo, including the first ‘flash dancers’ and Marauder-type wahoo trolling plugs. From modest beginnings, the company now headquarters in an expansive, state-of-the-art production facility in Palmdale, Calif. In late 1983, Braid stepped forward with his first rod belt. But ever observant and demanding, he recognized early on that one belt, just like one fishing rod, would never suit every purpose. Experienced in the hands-on elements of production, he steadily expanded his line and is now able to suit every fisherman by addressing such areas as body support, comfort, line test and drag pressure. And every one with quality components. His staff is a multi-talented, multi-skilled group that carries the Braid vision to make the best equipment possible. But crucial to the success of Braid Products is Braid, himself, who seems never satisfied. “I fish a lot,” he expounds. “I’m alert to fishing situations or fish feeding behavior that I can respond to. That’s how some products develop right on the deck! I love taking an idea and making a prototype, doing the tooling, creating a product and taking it to end-consumer.” What’s more, he says, “There’s still a lot of opportunity for new products out there.” It’s how fishermen get the very best.

Bubba Blade Knives

As fishermen, Bubba Blade was sick and tired of our fillet knives going dull, rusting, pitting, slipping out of our hand and not being able to hold up in a harsh saltwater environment. We wanted a knife that could handle a rigorous life at sea. After searching for this perfect knife, they found that one did not exist anywhere, for any price. That's when they set out to make the best fillet knife possible. After consulting with many other fishermen with multiple prototypes over the course of a year, production began on what they think is the Ultimate Fillet Knife™.

Bubba Blade Knives

The end result is a set of fillet knives that stay sharper longer, resist rusting, and hold up under the harsh environment of saltwater fishing. The Bubba Blade also has a handle that is safer and easier to grip. This new patented no slip grip handle was created so that there is protection from the blade and protection from the spines of fish like Scolpin. When filleting fish on the back of the boat, hands covered in blood and fish slime you need to be able to bear down on the knife without the fear of your hand slipping off the handle easily. These are all very basic wants and needs in any kind of knife, which is why hunters love the knives also. Bubba Blade believes that they have created the Ultimate Sportsman's Knife™ and believe you will too.

Buck Knives

Behind every Buck knife is 100 years of experience and craftsmanship. Buck uses the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create knives that meet the exacting demands you would expect of a high quality knife. And they stand behind every knife we make with their 4-Ever Warranty. Each knife Buck brings to market has been thoughtfully designed and engineered. Blending the right properties into stainless steel will ensure that your knife has the right hardness and strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife hold its edge longer and makes it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade. And yes, they really do sweat the small stuff. Buck asks a lot of questions of people who use their knives. Some of their best ideas come from the people who use their knives the most. Buck makes knives that meet the needs of their customers.

Buckeye Lures Buff Headwear Bull Shad Swimbaits

Buckeye Lures

Buckeye Lures specializes in high quality custom made baits. All baits are hand-made for fishermen by fishermen. Each bait is trued and tuned for maximum vibration and tracking. Buckeye Lures uses nothing but the finest materials in the assembly process. Sampo swivels, Needle-Point hooks, chip-resistant paint, and premium blades are just a few things that make a Buckeye Lure actually "Better Than Luck."

Buff Headwear

Buff Headwear is the company behind the UV protection buffs that are designed to protect the wearer's face and neck from the harmful ultra-violet rays. Buff offers more than just headwear with their uv gloves that are ideal for fishing.

Bull Shad Swimbaits

Bull Shad Swimbaits are made by Georgia spotted bass specialist, "Triton Mike" Bucca who saw the need for a swimbait that more accurately represented the big shad magnum spots were feeding on in his region. Instead of a super realistic imitation of a super clean and healthy baitfish, the Bull Shad resembles a beat up, harried, surviving by the ligament of its scales baitfish that’s led a hard life to get where it is today – tied to the end of your line waiting to be devoured.

Bullet Weights Canopy Grenades Castaic

Castaic Baits

Perhaps no other family of lures have accounted for more lake, state and world record bass than Castaic Swimbaits. This includes the 9th largest documented largemouth bass ever caught, and another bass that may have been the world record. These are lures with proven track records of big fish.
Whether you‘re a diehard tournament bass angler looking for that one heavyweight “kicker” bass, a dedicated lunker hunter seeking the bass, pike, muskie, walleye, or striper of a lifetime, or a weekend angler hoping that your next cast will be “the one,” you need look no further than Castaic.

Christenson's Lake Shore Tackle Chubby Chaser Lures Chums Eyewear Acc

Christenson's Lake Shore Tackle

Christenson’s Lake Shore Tackle Company was founded in 2008 by Colton Christenson. Colton has been fishing for many different species in Utah for over 15 years. His goal is to give angler’s the best experience with the highest quality fishing tackle available. His passion is to help angler’s be successful in catching species of their choice; whatever that may be. His favorite fish to catch is Kokanee Salmon and his lake of choice is Flaming Gorge. Colton’s current goals are to continue expanding his current line of Kokanee tackle, and is working towards as Fisheries & Aquatic Science degree to help understand Kokanee Salmon more.

Chubby Chaser Lures

Chums Eyewear

Cocoons Eyewear Columbia Sportwear CorrosionX

Cocoons Eyewear

Cocoons is the world's leading brand of optical grade fitover sunglasses. As a pioneer of the fitover sunglass category, Cocoons' innovative features set the standard in comfort, performance and quality. A statement reiterated by our limited lifetime warranty.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is the manufacturer of high quality outdoor apparel and gear designed for outdoorsmen of all types. Columbia's wide range of clothing offerings provide apparel choices for all outdoor activities. Anglers will find their UPF clothing to offer extreme comfort and protection while out in the elements.


Cotton Cordell Cousins Tackle Creative Fish Company

Cotton Cordell

Cotton Cordell Fishing Lures

Creative Fish Company

Creme Lures CRKT Croakies Belts

Creme Lures


Columbia River Knife and Tool

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT®), a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories was founded by Rod Bremer in 1994. CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose driven designs.The most innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry have created our knife, tool and accessory products. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use at affordable prices. All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available.

Croakies Belts

It began with a simple idea and eventually spread into a multifaceted vision. In 1977, a local ski patrolman from Jackson Hole, Wyoming realized the need for an eyewear retainer that would grip his shades and secure them tight to his body while performing all aspects of his job. Grabbing some old neoprene from a kayak spray skirt and a pair of scissors, he constructed what was then recognized as the first Croakies®. Now, more than three decades later, we are still hard at work designing and growing our line of eyewear retainers.

Throughout the years, Croakies has remained a small company with a big heart. We value innovation and creativity, yet our goal has remained the same; we strive to create eyewear retainers and accessories that provide comfort, durability, and functionality for active people of all ages. We use only the highest quality materials available and 90 percent of Croakies revenue comes from products that are proudly made in the USA.

We have recently expanded our product line to include men’s and women’s belts. Our belts are available in every color of the rainbow and emphasize the active person’s energetic and playful lifestyle. We have enjoyed much success with our new belt line, selling off the shelves in some of the nation’s largest outdoor recreation and sporting goods stores. We sincerely hope you too can get in on the fun.

Along the way, Croakies has become dedicated to protecting the environment and the natural resources where we love to work and play. In 2007, we partnered with the American Rivers® and Ocean Conservancy® to sell Croakies with the organization’s logo. For every conservation Croakies that we sell, we donate $1 to the organization. Our most recent partnership is Trout Unlimited® and we plan to continue to expand this program in the coming years.

Crocs Crystal Basin Tackle Culling Tens


Crocs, Inc, a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. Crocs offers several distinct shoe collections with more than 300 four-season footwear styles. All Crocs shoes feature Croslite material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs fans know and love. Crocs fans “Get Crocs Inside” every pair of shoes, from the iconic clog to new sneakers, sandals, boots and heels. Since its inception in 2002, Crocs has sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries around the world. The brand celebrated reaching $1 billion in annual sales in 2011.

Cumberland Pro Lures D&M Custom Baits DAM International

Cumberland Pro Lures

Cumberland Pro Lures® was established in 2003 by lure designer and long-time Cumberland River fisherman Brian Wilson. Brian has been manufacturing his own lures for more than 10 years and has used his product with great success in tournament fishing. Brian set out to create a company that truly caters to the fisherman that demands a high quality lure. Cumberland Pro Lures offers just that with professional custom enhancements. Each lure is made, start to finish, in Burnside, Ky., right on the shores of beautiful Lake Cumberland.

“As a fisherman and tournament angler, I know that time on the water is precious. I want the best lures available to increase my chances of success. To make the highest quality lures, you must use the best components. Whether you are a weekend angler or a professional fisherman, you can be sure that this philosophy goes into every lure we make.” -Brian Wilson

D&M Custom Baits

D&M Custom Baits is the creator of many unique bass fishing products that include soft plastic flipping baits, buzzbaits, umbrella rigs and much more. D&M's products are quality throughout featuring premium components and a thoughtful design.

DAM International

Damiki Fishing Tackle Dandy Baits Danielson

Damiki Lures

Damiki craft international is a South Korean based company with over 25 years of fishing experience. Damiki manufactures a wide range of fishing tackle that is sold in America, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, South America as well as Europe. Damiki's baits are produced in two ranges. The first is called Pro Anglers Choice and the other is the Damiki Bait Series. Products produced range from soft plastics, hard baits and terminal tackle to high grade tournament rods; everything the serious angler needs.

Dandy Baits Jigs

Dandy's line of bass lures include flipping and casting jigs

Decoy Hooks Deps Dexter-Russell Knives

Decoy Hooks

Japanese fishing tackle manufacturer specializing in premium terminal tackle items. Popular products from Decoy include hooks, snaps and swivels among many other items.


Deps is known throughout Japan as the BIG FISH lure manufacturer. These Japanese manufactured baits are a must for all anglers who demand the best out there!

Dexter-Russell Knives

Dexter-Russell Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Dexter-Russell uses quality materials enhanced with the integrity of craftsmanship. Their professional cutlery is designed, built, and tested to be people friendly and kitchen tough. The knives are sharp, right out of the box and ready to use. Edges last longer and can be easily re-sharpened. The complete array of professional cutlery, tools, and accessories provides consistent, time-tested performance in the kitchen. Throughout Dexter-Russell's long and rich history, they have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. Their company is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: The Harrington Cutlery Company and the John Russell Cutlery Company.

Dick Nite Spoons Do-It Molds Dolphin Tackle

Dick Nite Spoons

Dick Nite Spoons have been around since before 1940 helping fishermen, fisherwomen, and fisherkids to enjoy Trout Fishing, Salmon Fishing, and Shad Fishing, just to mention a few of the species which have fallen to their fishing tackle! Four Salmon World Records have been set using their fishing lures, and at least one State record (Oregon - Shad) that we are aware of. Dick Nite's fishing lures have been used for trout fishing for over 60 years for one reason - they work! Salmon fishermen have become dependant on their lures when after Coho (Silver Salmon) and Humpy (Pink Salmon) catches in the rivers of the Northwest.

Dolphin Tackle

Specializing in Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Tackle. Dolphin Tackle has been serving the needs of tackle stores worldwide for over 30 years. As a manufacturer, distributor and as fisherman they're committed to manufacturing and distributing the most innovative, best designed fishing tackle on the market.

Dry Creek Outfitters Dry Pak DryCase

DryCase Waterproof

Dry Corp, LLC has over 10 years of experience in the medical industry. They started out by providing high quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, Ostomies, PICC lines and prosthetics, offering complete waterproof protection. Its patented vacuum seal assures that a cast or bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water. The gang at Dry Corp figured if the vacuum seal could keep an important surgery site, cast or PICC line dry they might be able to use the same technology on electronics. The DryCASE was created with the same quality Dry Corp has used to in creating their very successful line of medical products.

Duel Duo Realis Eagle Claw


An established tackle company in Japan, Duel has now made their way over to the states under the Yo-Zuri brand name. Duel is most widely known for their Hardcore line of hard baits including crankbaits, jerkbaits, vibration baits and swimbaits.

Duo Realis

DUO was established in year 1995 when president Hisahiro Matsushita went independent from a lure manufacturer of a long tradition and started his own company. The lure business of the 90`s was severely influenced by the Japanese recession, however Mr. Matsushita never compromised his principles and never gave up on his initial concept of making products of the highest quality. Adhering to this principle, even in time when majority of companies switched to foreign factories for cheaper labor cost, he did not abandon the production in Japan for the poor quality of the inferior production in the overseas market.

Two years after the launch of the company, sales revolving around products created at the hands of Mr. Adachi, one of the most acclaimed young designers in the country, were commenced and now in its fifteenth year, DUO is widely considered the top of the industry in Japan, a country widely seen as the top of lure manufacturing. DUO`s top designer Mr. Adachi is well-known for keeping true to the height of basic performance and also has a world reputation for producing magnificent lures which simple beauty combines with an amazing performance. By the year 2011, DUO`s range of products includes over 250 models and the amount of lures sold reached over 15 million units. In addition, since 1999 the company has also been active in the field of OEM and has been supplying products to some of the top brands in Japan as well as enjoying its own success.

Eagle Claw

"At Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle, we welcome any kind of angler from the most finicky fly fisherman to the most laid-back worm dunker. We’ve learned that all anglers share the same passion for catching more and bigger fish. It’s why we make so many great products and what Eagle Claw’s ever-growing family of brands are all about. Our products perform as good or better than anything out there. Because when our customers are off chasing tournament prizes, cruising blue water looking for a fight, or just wettin’ a line in a pond with their kids….we know our gear can’t lay down on the job. We’ve been growing and perfecting Eagle Claw products for over 84 years."

Eco Pro Tungsten Edge Fishing Edge Products-Hot Sauce

Eco Pro Tungsten

Eco Pro Tungsten was founded with one thought in mind. To be the innovator in tungsten products and provide the highest quality (in-stock) Tungsten weights at an affordable price. They are a family owned, American company that loves to fish. Eco Pro Tungsten was formed after finding they always had trouble locating tungsten weights in stock and at an affordable price. That led them to turn their passion into their business. Eco Pro Tungsten weights undergo a special polishing that allows them to be fray free without using a plastic insert. Eco Pro Tungsten weights are 97% pure tungsten which makes for a smaller, heavier weight, and that means you will make farther casts and get hung of less using Eco Pro. Their special "Seal Coat" painting process make for one of the most chip resistant finishes on the market. All Eco Pro products use only 100% lead free, earth friendly tungsten.

Eco Pro Tungsten Rebate

Edge Fishing Products

EGO Slider Nets Englund Tuna Lures Evergreen International

EGO Slider Nets

The revolutionary EGO S2 Slider landing net and fishing accessory product system, utilizing the most advanced handle extension technology available, was designed specifically for the freshwater and light inshore saltwater fishing enthusiast. With a simple pull or push of the foam grip, the S2 Slider handle can be easily deployed to net, gaff or release a fish and then be quickly retracted. The innovative modular platform also allows the handle to detach, providing accessory interchangeability and compact storage for anglers with limited boat space.

EGO Slider Nets

Englund Tuna Lures

Evergreen International

Evolve Eye Surrender Falcon Hooks

Evolve Baits

Evolve Fishing Products

Evolve's products are built with the finest construction, attention to detail, and materials. They’ve been developing a cult following since early 2011, but the word is starting to spread- and fast- so watch out bass. Tournament anglers are some of their most consistent customers, and it’s no surprise why. The employees at EVOLVE were born to fish, and their product designs reflect the insight and experience of some of the most dedicated, experienced bass anglers in the country.

Eye Surrender

Eye Surrender Sunglasses

Falcon Hooks

Falcon Hooks is the manufacturer of bass fishing hooks including wacky worm and swimbait hooks.

Fin Junkie Tackle Fin-Tech Fish Allure

Fin Junkie Tackle

Fin-Tech Lures

Fish Allure

Fish Allure is a fishing scent sticker intended to be applied to hard fishing lures to greatly enhance the attraction of the bait. Scientific research and thousands of case studies back the innovative fish scent attraction stickers.

Fish Head Fish-D-Funk Fisherman's Thumb

Fish Head


Brand of Contec Inc.

Contec is a worldclass manufacturer of wipes, mops and chemicals for some of the most critical markets in the world including pharmaceutical, hospital, medical device, automotive, electronics, fishing, aerospace and hunting. For more than 20 years, Contec has been dedicated to being the leader in developing and manufacturing innovative products for use in critical environments. Contec is a company where talented people are challenged and excited by the prospect of providing total customer satisfaction to world-class manufacturers and consumers.

Contec has a staff of research and development engineers and chemists dedicated to the development of innovative products to meet customers’ needs. The formulation and application of the Fish-D-Funk Double Down technology was developed using advanced laboratory equipment such as gas chromatography mass spectrometry. It was thoroughly tested with boat captains as lead users and skin tested utilizing an outside laboratory.

Fisherman's Thumb

Flambeau Outdoors Folbe Rod Holders Foodsaver

Flambeau Outdoors

Folbe Rod Holders

Folbe are a small family business based in the Seattle, Washington area. It all started from ideas born during excursions of one of their family’s favorite pastimes – boating and fishing. These activities generated a lot of great memories and laughs along the way. Above all, it was a great time spent with family and friends.

Ideas of things that would better their trips out on the boat naturally sprang up through the years. They searched for products that would solve their problems, but most items came up short. Bill, being Bill, took to figuring out solutions to our boating and fishing issues in his spare time. One thing led to another – brainstorms, designs, trial-and-error prototypes, hands-on testing – finally Folbe had products to be proud of and that really worked.

Folbe is constantly looking at problems from a different perspective... figuring out how to look at something the way that nobody else has in order to create an innovative and effective product. All of Folbe's products are 100% made in the USA. They take great pride in their work and craftsmanship. They strive to build the best and to give you a high quality product at a fair price.


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems use a patented removable drip tray designed to make sealing easier and more sanitary. As you can see in example shown, the competitive drip tray is messy and more difficult to clean. This can lead to potentially harmful germs breeding on the appliance and possibly coming into contact with you and the foods you are sealing. The FoodSaver drip tray is fully removable and dishwasher safe, ensuring your health, safety and convenience.

Frabill Frenzy Baits Fringe Tackle Swimbaits

Frabill Fishing

Known for their high quality fishing products, Frabill has been in the fishing industry since 1938. Many anglers turn to Frabill for their nets, aerators and storm gear.

Frenzy Baits

Frenzy Baits the manufacturer of high quality umbrella rigs including the Sniper and Bounty Hunter models which are offered in 5 or 7 wire configurations.

Fringe Tackle Swimbaits

Featuring highly detailed pours and brilliant color schemes, Fringe Tackle Swimbaits are among the most popular soft plastic swimbaits on the market today. Often difficult to find, these swimmers' reputation for big bass has spread like wild fire due to a number of tournament victories in both national and local events. Based out of Austin, Texas, Fringe Tackle pours each bait by hand in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.

Frogg Toggs Full Throttle Gamakatsu Hooks

Frogg Toggs

Located in one of the "wettest" parts of the country, frogg toggs was founded in 1996 on the promise of total customer satisfaction and to this day we don't introduce a product, make a change, or commit a resource unless we know it will result in giving our customers even more reason to seek out and purchase the frogg toggs brand. As our customer base expands from the traditional sporting segments into other outdoor activities, this commitment is strengthened rather than diluted. We understand that a growing market means increased demand for and scrutiny of product quality. Our response to this is embodied in the quality found in our ever-expanding product line. We have every confidence that each and every frogg toggs product will provide our customers with the quality, performance, and value associated with the frogg toggs brand.

Full Throttle Watersports

Gamakatsu Hooks

Gamakatsu is the leading fish hook manufacturer in Japan, and for that matter worldwide. Gamakatsu is constantly testing new materials and striving to improve their products which already set the standard for the rest of the industry. In 1992 Gamakatsu USA inc. was established to provide Gamakatsu brand hooks to the U.S. market, followed by SPRO, The Official Gamakatsu's exclusive agent, established in the Netherlands in 1994 to service the European market.

Gambler Gan Craft Ganns Tackle

Gambler Lures

Gambler is the company behind some of the most effective bass fishing lures on the market today. Gamblers products include soft plastics, hooks and accessories.

Gan Craft

Ganns Tackle

Ganns Tackle is the manufacturer of high quality bass fishing lures including premium spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs.

Gene Larew Gerber Gear Gibbs Delta Tackle

Gene Larew Lures

Gene Larew Lures is the manufacturer of innovative bass fishing baits. Among their most popular products is the Biffle Bug and Biffle Hard head which spawned a whole new technique dubbed "Biffle Buggin".

Gibbs Delta Tackle

Gibbs-Delta is proudly celebrating over 100 years of Quality Canadian Fishing Tackle. Founded in 1908, they are a company rich in history and knowledge. As they have just entered the new millennium and theirr own 100 year anniversary, Gibbs continues their commitment to producing the best possible quality fishing tackle for fishing enthusiasts. Gibbs-Delta is now one of the biggest fishing tackle manufacturers in Canada, with a product line of over 7,000 lures, flashers, plastic lures, landing nets, sinkers and accessories available.

Gill Clothing Gillz Glacier Glove

Gill Fishing Clothing

Fishing Apparel and Gear

Whether you fish in fresh or saltwater, big game or paddle fishing, Gill will protect you from the elements and keep you dry and comfortable. Everything Gill produces is for the angler use, some for wearing in light conditions and some for round the world sport fishermen, but all of it designed, and produced, to do a specific job in specific conditions. In that sense Gill is one of the best technical fishing clothing you can buy. Gill history goes back over 30 years.


Gillz was established in February 2009 by Kent Hickman an avid tournament angler and outdoor enthusiast in response tp the need for a fnctional outdoor shirt. Looking for cool and comfortable sun protection, the Breathe Like A Fish Product line was born.

Glacier Glove

Glacier Glove is a brand of NorthStar Investors and since 1982 they have been producing the highest quality neoprene gloves on the market. 30+ years later they have progressed their designs into light weight, breathable, waterproof and fleece gloves and accessories. Glacier Glove has expanded their line to include sun protection, hunting and cycling products. Each product carries the quality that has become synonomous with the name Glacier Glove.

Gliss GoPro GR8 Lake

Gliss Line

GoPro Cameras

We carry a vast selection of GoPro Cameras and accessories tailored to fishermen and outdoorsmen. While many action sports enthusiasts use the GoPro, it also has become very popular among fishermen targeting all species of fish. Filming a day of fishing can capture the moment when memories are made whether it's that new personal record bass or a funny fishing blooper - the footage is a great way to remember the day. Anglers also use the GoPro to aid in data collection when fishing. While journals and GPS locations serve very quantitative purposes, fishing with a GoPro camera rolling can help refresh your memory on the perfect cadence of exactly how the fish bit.

Hag's Tornado Halco Hanz

Hag's Tornado

Hag's Tornado is the manufacturer of soft plastic bass fishing baits including the wildly popular hags tornado stick baits.


Halco is an Australian owned and run business based in Fremantle Western Australia, with a small and effective management team that brings with it a wealth of design, manufacturing and marketing experience, not to mention a lifelong love of fishing. What sets Halco apart from its competitors is its wealth of fishing experience, particularly in regard to lure fishing. This understanding of what it’s like to be a dedicated angler is what makes the difference when it comes to designing, testing and manufacturing lures.


Hardcore Bass Fishing Hayward Hayward Fishing

Hardcore Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Apparel

Hardcore Bass Fishing is a line of clothing for the hardcore bass angler. Hardcore apparel features edgy designs created with bass fishing undertones, HCBF is a great clothing option for the hardcore bass fishing enthusiast.

Hayward Fishing

Hayward Fishing Tackle manufacture of salmon fishing tackle.

Heat Factory Heddon HighTide Sportfishing

Heat Factory Warmers

Heat Factory has been a leader in Warmer technology for more than 27 years. Our innovations include Mini Warmers, Character Warmers for children and customized warmers. They have a number of patented accessories. Heat Factory is North America's most time-honored Hand Warmer company. Since 1980, the Heat Factory has established a leadership position within the industry through innovative product designs, consistent product quality, and reliable, creative packaging, merchandising and on-time delivery.

Heddon Lures

Heddon Lures is among the original lure manufacturing companies in the bass fishing industry. Heddon is responsible for some of the most popular bass lures of all time including the Zara Spook.

HighTide Sportfishing Hildebrandt Hildebrandt

High Tide Sportfishing


Hildebrandt, long known for its exceptional spinner blades has been ”Foolin’ Fish Since 1899″. A leader in the use of alternative metals, Hildebrandt tailors the use of tin, bismuth and other metals to specific applications. Thanks to these developments, it means you can pull our new Drum Roller more slowly through shallow water, the new Double Deep, quickly through deep water or helicopter your spinnerbait through the water table with the popular Drop Dead Fred series. The trademark finish of Hildebrandt blades makes them the most brilliant and most used replacement blades on the market. Better design, materials, finish and cosmetic enhancements sets Hildebrandt spinnerbaits and spinners apart from all others…it’s a difference that shows!


Hildebrandt, long known for its exceptional spinner blades has been ”Foolin’ Fish Since 1899″. A leader in the use of alternative metals, Hildebrandt tailors the use of tin, bismuth and other metals to specific applications. Thanks to these developments, it means you can pull our new Drum Roller more slowly through shallow water, the new Double Deep, quickly through deep water or helicopter your spinnerbait through the water table with the popular Drop Dead Fred series. The trademark finish of Hildebrandt blades makes them the most brilliant and most used replacement blades on the market. Better design, materials, finish and cosmetic enhancements sets Hildebrandt spinnerbaits and spinners apart from all others…it’s a difference that shows!

Hoffmann's Lures Hook-N-Line Hookup Lures

Hoffmann's Lures

From the creative mind of Brent Hoffmann comes Hoffmann's Lures a series of intricately painted lures including crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwaters. Based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Hoffmann's Lures is dedicated to bringing high quality, custom paint jobs to the masses with incredibly detailed hand-painted lures.

Hook-N-Line Fishing Maps

The Hook-N-Line Fishing Maps are a great resource for fishing and navigation purposes. The maps indicate good fishing areas based upon accurate information gathered from anglers in the area and historical data.

Hookup Lures

Founded in 1992 by Captain Hank Brown, Hookup Lures is proud to produce the finest Jigs, Rigs and Bucktails available on the market. Quality craftsmanship, unsurpassed attention to detail and the use of the highest quality materials, guarantee everyday anglers, guides and tournament anglers alike, a premium lure that will produce more fish, trip after trip.

Hopkins Hot Spot Lures Huddleston Swimbaits

Hopkins Lures

Hopkins Fishing Spoons

Hot Spot Lures

Hot spot is the leading manufacturer of artificial trolling lures on the West Coast of North America. Hot Spot's trolling lures, the Apex lure and Hot Spot Flashers, are known by sports and commercial fishermen alike for their amazing fish catching results. Hot Spot Lures Ltd. is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They are on the West Coast of North America, just below the 49th parallel. The Hot Spot company is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, surrounded by the excellent fishing hot spots in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Since the introduction of their Apex Trolling Lure, one of the most successful artificial trolling lures ever, Hot Spot has become an industry leader in getting results. Their Hot Spot Flasher, which has been often imitated but never duplicated, is one of the most reliable ways of catching fish. Their development of new colors, different rigging techniques, and new lures will keep Hot Spot an industry leader well into the twenty-first century.

Huddleston Swimbaits

HydroWave IMA Lures Imakatsu


HydroWave was founded in 2010 by a group of professional anglers, scientists and engineers dedicated to product design in the fish attracting industry. The HydroWave is a collaborative effort of all the founders. Research in the field of sound technology and aquatic biology remain our primary focus along with product design and quality controls. Our biologists are steadfastly dedicated to improving the science of fish stimulation for angling purposes.

HydroWave was the brainchild of successful Dallas businessman and competitive bass angler Gene Eisenmann. He introduced the concept to Robert Palmer, an engineer with extensive background in electronic product and development, and owner of RHP Industries located in Aubrey, Texas. Together they designed and built the HydroWave. Eisenmann contacted Jeff Kriet, a longtime fishing friend with electronics savvy, and Kevin VanDam, who has a known history of how fish react to sound, to team in the venture.

HydroWave Mission

The mission of HydroWave is to provide products that help to make the experience of fishing more rewarding through the best technology and techniques available whether our customer is a professional angler, an experienced amateur or someone completely new to the sport.

Ima Lures


iTech 361 Izorline J&R Baits


Izorline premium fishing products are created to provide you with the ultimate in strength, dependability, durability, high abrasion resistance, low stretch, and high quality. All Izorline products are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defects. You can't buy better value. Izorline will replace or repair at our option, no questions asked....if you are not pleased with any of their products! Izorline quality guaranteed!

J&R Alabama Rigs

Alabama and Umbrella Rigs

J.B. Tackle Jackall Lures Jewel Bait Company

Jackall Lures

Jackall Lures is a Japanese based lure manufacturer known for their innovative designs and high quality products. Some of Jackall's most popular baits include the Flick Shake Worm, Crosstail Shad and the Iobee Frog.

Jewel Bait Company

Jewel Baits is the manufacturer of several high quality bass fishing lures including their incredibly popular line of jigs. Their Eakins jig is possibly the most popular bait in the entire Ozark region and has extended its reach from coast to coast. The high quality components and incredible color patterns result in some of the finest bass jigs on the market.

Jinkai JJ's Magic JSJ Bait Co

Jinkai Fishing

JJ's Magic

Dippin Dye for Baits

JJ's Magic is a dippin' dye solution that is designed for you to customize your soft plastic bait. JJ's magic penetrates soft plastic bait with color and a garlic scent.

JSJ Baits

Kahara Kalin's Kast Gear



Kalin’s grubs and fishing jigs are extremely effective for a wide range of fish species in all waters. A soft tail with famously slow-retrieve action combined with a thick, meaty body provide more water displacement and slower drops which make Kalin’s grubs a favorite in tournament circuits. Whether you’re fishing for panfish, crappie or trout with the 1.5" Kalin’s Lunker Grub or going after stripers with the Pintail Eel, Kalin’s baits are available in a plethora of colors and sizes so you’ll always have the most effective combination. Mix and match grubs, shad, minnows and tubes with any one of Kalin’s many jigs and fish the waters with proven results.

Kast Gear

Kast Gear was conceived on the banks of the Salmon River in central Idaho, while steelhead fishing in a snow storm. Our passion for fishing and the outdoors has driven us to create superior products using state of the art textiles and technology. Our goal is to build the best gear possible, tailored for the harshest environments. Guide tested on countless rivers, in the most extreme weather, our gear is designed to keep you warm and comfortable.

Keitech Kershaw Knives KINeSYS Sunscreen


Keitech Swimbaits

Keitech was established in 1996 by Kei Hayashi, one of the most successful tournament fisherman in Japan. Keitech offers quality bass lures which are based on a wealth of fishing knowledge and advanced production technology. Keitech always chooses the right materials to produce their products.

KINeSYS Sunscreen

In 1993, Jeff Kletter's doctor made matters simple: shape up or die young. So, he hired Josie, a personal fitness trainer to coach him back to health. During their workouts, Jeff complained about his sore muscles and how pain relief products simply don't work. Josie joked, perhaps we should make a formula especially for you. And they did. It was the first product and the birth of KINeSYS. With the strong chemistry between them, they quit their jobs, sold their belongings, and began a new partnership in business and in life. They recruited a chemist with 30 years experience to formulate a line of products designed to meet the rigors of professional athletes. They then drafted Dr. Doug Clement, a leading sports medicine physician, to help develop the products and chair a scientific advisory board. Dr. Clement noted that top athletes had a lower incidence of most disease except one- Skin Cancer- which was higher in athletes due their prolonged exposure to the sun while training or competing.Countless tests and trials have led to the KINeSYS line of Performance Sunscreens, which exceed the requirements of professional athletes and active individuals regardless of skill or age. This gives Jeff and Josie complete confidence when using KINeSYS on their family. KINeSYS products meet the high quality standards they have as new parents and will effectively satisfy the demands of any athlete.

Korkers Kwik Tek Lake Fork Tackle


Kwik Tek

Lake Fork Tackle

Bass Fishing Tackle

From Lake Fork Tackle: "Our mission at LFT Lures is to provide innovative, quality (pro-tested and proven) fishing lures made in the U.S.A. and other fishing products to both tour professionals and everyday fisherman at fair prices with exceptional service.

Lead Masters LED Lenser Lew's

Lead Masters

LED Lenser

LED LENSER, a Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company, produces lights and headlamps for everything from camping, diving, running, hunting and fishing to industrial trades, DIY and law enforcement. Sizes range from keychain to 1000+ lumen heavy-duty defense lamps. All lights are backed by a five-year warranty.

Lew's Fishing

Lindy Little Creeper Baits LiveTarget

Little Creeper Baits

Trash Fish Swimbaits

Little Creeper Baits is an innovative lure manufacturer with designs geared toward bass fishermen. Little Creeper baits is the company behind the country-wide phenomenon, the Trash Fish Swimbait. The ambiguous design of the Trash Fish offers incredible versatility when fishing bodies of water with large array of forage fish. The Little Creeper Trash Fish is among the most popular soft plastic swimbaits.


Lobina Lures Luck"E" Strike Lucky Craft

Lobina Lures

Lobina Lures is a fishing tackle company responsible for several high quality hard plastic lures. Among their most popular products is the Rico topwater popper which features high quality components and an incredibly detailed design.

Luhr Jensen Lunar Lures Lunker City

Luhr Jensen

Lunar Lures

Lunker City

Freshwater Fishing Tackle

Lunkerhunt Mack's Lure Mad River Manufacturing

Lunkerhunt Lures

Madness Japan Magnetic Marine Products Manns

Trapper hooks are squared at the bottom which means they don’t rotate or pivot like traditional hooks, making them very difficult for fish to throw. Trapper hooks not only hold fish better, they also hold lures and baits in place better, ensuring perfect presentations and significantly reducing the number of times you have to adjust or re-rig your bait. Less time re-rigging means more casts, more effective presentations and more opportunities to catch fish. Every Trapper hook is made from quality hi-carbon steel with a sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets. They have been proven to improve lure performance, angler efficiency and fish retention.

Magnetic Marine Products

Magnetic Marine Products was founded in the winter of 2010 by John Gesik, inventor of the original Gear Grabbar line of boat accessories. The launch of this new company originated in Grand Rapids Michigan, an area rich with some of the best fishing in the Midwest. It was right here that the idea of the lure/tool holder boat accessory was stumbled upon when John left his magnetic name badge in his boat before a fishing trip. John always had lures and gear laying all over his boat. By chance, the magnetic name badge found its way to a hook and there it was!!!! 3 years and multiple prototypes later the launch of Gear Grabbar happened at Grand Rapids' own 2010 Ultimate Sportshow.

John’s passion for fishing can be traced back almost 40 years. Coming from a huge family of fishermen, John grew up fishing for just about every species in the Midwest. In the past few years John has focused on developing new organizational boat accessories to make everyone’s fishing experience more enjoyable, productive and safer. Their philosophy at Magnetic Marine Products is to go beyond the norm and create new innovative products with fishermen and their families in mind.


Mann's Bait Company, started by Tom Mann in 1956, is one of the largest producers of fishing lures in the world. It is the most diversified lure maker in the U.S. with manufacturing capabilities in hard baits (crankbaits), soft plastics, spinnerbaits, lead lures and hollow body baits.The company's products are used by fishermen throughout the United States and in over 50 countries around the globe. Mann's brand, readily recognizable by its Indian head logo, carries a reputation unparalleled in the industry for high quality and superior performance.

Manzella Gloves Mattlures Swimbaits Maxima


Mattlures products are designed and created by Matt Servant, a devoted freshwater and saltwater fisherman who has been catching trophy fish in the highly pressured Southern California waters on his own handmade lures for years. As well as being a lure maker, Matt is also an accomplished taxidermist who incorporates the knowledge and experience of both trades to create extreme detail and quality in the lures he develops.

Maxima Line

In Maxima's own words:
How does a company become the world leader in the manufacture of fishing lines? ­ Not by chance, but through continued customer satisfaction; meeting our customers’ requirements and needs, and the continued product development of new, innovative lines designed for the ever changing market and fishing styles.
We at MAXIMA have been doing this for 60 years. Our current full product range is listed in this brochure, and, within its pages you will find a line for every fishing application, and for every angler’s preferred fishing style. MAXIMA lines have in the past, and will continue to inspire complete confidence for all anglers.
McCoy Fishing Line Medlock Jigs Megabass

Medlock Jigs

Double Weedguard Jigs

Medlock Jigs creator of the double weedguard jig. The Double Weedguard Jig is responsible for numerous tournament victories in the state of Florida and has since become a widely popular bait for any lake with heavy vegetation. Anglers fishing Lake Guntersville, the California Delta, Lake Fork and Lake Eufala have already reported incredible results including fish over 10lbs. The Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Okeechobee was largely dominated by the Double Weedguard Jig with roughly 8 of the top 12 anglers using this jig on the final day of the event as cameras were rolling.


Premium Fishing Products

Megabass is the manufacturer of premium fishing lure; most notably their Vision 110 Jerkbaits. The Vision 110, Vision 110 magnum, and the Vision 110 Plus are all shining examples of the intelligent engineering and quality that have become synonymous with the Megabass name.

Mend-It! Mepps Minus 33

Mepps Lures

Minus33 was started with the foundation of providing high quality, warm, garments to the active and Outdoor community. Minus33, part of L. W. Packard a well established wool fabric manufacturing company, has been in business since 1916, with headquarters located in New Hampshire. Manufacturing has been moved to Asia to compete in a global economy.
Avid wool manufacturing engineers at L. W. Packard were looking for high quality, warm, and comfortable garments for outdoor activities. There was a gap from what was available, expensive high end poorly made, to low cost inferior constructed synthetic garments. With high demand for both types, competitors’ prices are expensive to outfit with fabrics and garments that perform. Minus33 was started to fill that gap in the market.
New Hampshire, being home to some of the worlds worst weather, has been the playground and testing field for Minus33. They have found that nature has given mankind the best fiber in the world (Merino Wool) to equip avid outdoor athletes to even couch surfers.

Missile Baits Monster Fishing Tackle Moto Hooks

Missile Baits

Baits by John Crews

Missile Baits are soft plastic baits designed by Bassmaster Elite Series Angler, John Crews. Exhibiting innovative designs and the most popular color patterns, Missile Baits has established themselves as one of the main soft bait manufacturers on the market today.

Mountain Cork / Rowan MS Slammer Mustad

Mustad Hooks

Mustad is the best- selling hook-brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries. Mustad products cover any discipline of sport and commercial fishing, industrial as well as traditional fishing.

Mustang Survival PFD Netbait Nextorch

Mustang Survival PFD

Mustang Survival PFD products including manual inflating, automatic inflating and foam vests. Our inventory includes such models as the Deluxe Auto PFD, Hydrostatic PFD, MIT 22 PFD, and Universal Foam PFD. We also carry the essential accessories for the Mustang PFD's including the replacement bobbins and the re-arm CO2 kits.

Click here to see the Re-Arm Kit Chart


The NetBait brand began nearly 40 years ago in the kitchen of a man named Braxton McNaughton. Mr. McNaughton thought plastic fishing worms, which then cost 5 cents each, were too expensive—so he set out to make his own for less. With an investment of $20, Mr. McNaughton began melting and pouring plastic worms one-at-a-time in his kitchen. He called his small, personal venture Mac’s Baits. For years, Mac’s poured independently for many big-name companies. Then, in 1998, the McNaughton family decided to expand upon their venture into the fishing business when Mr. McNaughton’s son, Kent, incorporated the brand NetBait. Knowing fishermen deserved better offerings than what was currently on the market, NetBait set out to create some new options. And so, using Mr. McNaughton’s manufacturing knowledge and experience, we developed what is now known as Netbait's signature bait: the Paca Craw.

Netbait's roots may be small, but their mission has never wavered: to offer fishermen the best quality soft plastic baits in every pack, every time. Mac’s Baits is still the sole manufacturer of all NetBait soft plastic products. Each of their pouring machines were custom-built from the ground up, and all of our soft plastics are made and poured in Greenville, Alabama—so you can be sure we’re involved in the process every step of the way and 100% invested in the quality of the products they deliver.


The Smart Light

When LED Technology enters the flashlight industry to become the main-streamed emitting light source, not only does it improve the energy efficiency dramatically, but also does it bring the mode functionality into reality. Various modes enable flashlights to be used for different applications. High output modes can be applied for camping and reading; also, S.O.S. modes can be utilized in emergency situations, whereas law enforcement officers may employ strobe functions for self defense or counter strike purposes. Depending on how a flashlight's use, some may prefer a single mode or a few modes, more and more users have been realizing the benefits of having multiple modes, some of those may even need various modes at different times. No matter what your requirements are, myTorch flashlights are the solution for your flashlight needs.

myTorch's advanced "Smart Torch Technology (STT)" enables users to program unlimited modes for your flashlight. To personalize the modes however and in whatever way you prefer. Simply use the NEXTRUNNER application on your computer to customize your lighting modes. With myTorch you are no longer limited to the basic or pre-set modes; now you can go beyond with myTorch flashlights to accomplish your daily applications quickly and efficiently.

Nichols Lures Nishine No. 8 Tackle

Nichols Lures

No matter what you want in your tackle box, we can take care of you. Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Injected Soft Plastics, Buzzbaits, and multitudes of terminal tackle are all part of our extensive line-up of products. Whether you are looking for a custom spinnerbait that needs to be just right, or are heading out for the weekend and need to stock up, we can accommodate your every need. Founded in 1989, Dave Nichols began by creating jigs and spinnerbaits out of his garage in East Texas. From there, the company grew, adding new and innovative products at every turn. In 2012, Dave and his wife, Lynn, sold the company to Brooks Woodward, the current owner and operator. Each morning, Brooks wakes up, goes into work, sits down at his desk, and begins hand-crafting each lure that comes his way. We still value high-quality, hand-made, American products, and plan on continuing a 25 year old legacy the right way, with hard work and determination.

Nishine Lure Works is a Canadian company owned, run, operated, by Japanese master lure maker Hiroshi Nishine. All lures are hand made hard baits from the lure maker that designed the Tru-Tungsten "Tru-Life" series.

No. 8 Reels

Norman NuTech Lures Okuma

Norman Lures

Bill Norman Crankbaits

Norman Lures are known for their crankbaits with popular models including the DD22, Suspending DD22, and Deep Little N models. The DD 22 is the most popular deep diving crankbait across the country and continues to prove its effectiveness time and time again.

NuTech Lures

NuTech Lures is the company behind the original double weedguard style jigs and manufacturer of several models of jigs displaying this design. NuTech products include pro series and football jigs, spinnerbaits, jig heads and chatterbait style vibrating jigs. NuTech continues to develop new concepts that incorporate their incredibly popular dual guard design.

Okuma Fishing Tackle

Onos Onyx Optimum Baits

Onos Sunglasses

It seems so obvious once you try them on. Suddenly you have a full range of vision and can focus in on close-up details at a glance. Ono's are the first sunglasses ever to combine all the features active adults want and need into one total package.Finally, active farsighted people can enjoy outdoor activities without the hassle of switching glasses. With Ono's polarized sunglasses with readers built in, you can enjoy a new dimension of comfort, convenience, and style without the prescription price of bifocals. By combining the polarized lens with our unique reader magnification enhancement, we have created a product that eliminates the need for bi-focals or to switch glasses to read or perform other close-up tasks when outdoors. Once you wear Ono's for a whole weekend, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Think about the times you need readers and polarized sunglasses at the same time. Whether you're skiing the slopes or relaxing on the beach, Ono's are the only sunglasses you'll want to wear. Polarized sunglasses with readers built-in....Such a bright idea!

Optimum Baits

Oregon Tackle Osprey Lures Swimbaits Outdoor Cap

Osprey Swimbaits

Osprey is the manufacturer of soft plastic swimbaits commonly used for bass fishing applications. Swimbaits from Osprey are widely regarded among anglers as one of the highest quality offerings on the market today. The incredible soft plastic pours exhibit a level of detail that accurately mimics forage options bass feed upon. Complimenting the realistic appearance is the natural swimming action intended to replicate the subtleties of a real life fish. Bass fishermen, tournament and trophy anglers alike, often turn to Osprey Swimbaits when they are going after a truly giant bass. Whether trying to mimic trout, shad, hitch or bluegill - Osprey has the perfect swimbait for you. We carry a vast selection of Osprey products including line through and top hook swimbaits.

Owner Hooks Pacific Catch Pautzke Bait Co.

Owner Hooks

Owner Hooks' motto is Perfection In Hooks and they've all but achieved it. With both freshwater and saltwater models designed for many species and the techniques used when catching them, Owner Hooks is among the industry leaders in fishing hooks. Owner has devoted nearly a decade of effort developing a line of high quality, high performance fishing hooks that, today, are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. With the addition of Cultiva lures to their product line, Owner has been experiencing phenomenal growth that enabled expansion to better serve their customers and ultimately push the limits of fishing hook technology. Satisfied, if not ecstatic customers have helped Owner become the leader in fishing hook production. Customers exciting catch results, and the huge successes of their tournament fishing pros have kept the Owner company inspired and motivated. That, coupled with the feedback from their growing number of avid fans, has helped them continue in the design and development of hooks - and now lures - that they feel are the best that they can be.

Pacific Catch Lures

Paycheck Baits Pelican Cases Penn

Paycheck Baits

Paycheck Baits Original Punch Skirt

Paycheck Baits by Bub Tosh is a fishing lure company known for creating innovative products. Their most acclaimed success is the Punch Skirt which changed mat fishing forever. The punch skirt led to the creation of many other punching products all designed by punching expert Bub Tosh.

Pelican Cases

Pelican Cases are made under the parent brand Pelican Products, Inc. Pelican is known within the fishing industry for their high quality coolers which are incredibly durable, well made and very effective at keeping catch fresh. Pelican is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced fishing coolers. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including firefighters, police, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company’s 200,000 square feet corporate headquarters, located in Torrance, California (just south of Los Angeles) now serves as the home office for nearly 1,500 employees worldwide. In addition to operating in 12 countries, with 22 offices worldwide, Pelican also maintains six manufacturing locations.

Penn Fishing Reels

Ever since Otto Henze founded the PENN Fishing Tackle Company in 1932 Penn has been at the forefront of modern reel design and production. Penn prides themselves on the fact that millions of experienced anglers around the world put their faith in using Penn products every day.

It is the skill, knowledge and passion gained over the 75 plus years of designing and manufacturing fishing gear that have enabled them to continue the dream of their founder: Manufacturing the world's highest quality fishing tackle.

Penn reels have set records in nearly every IGFA classification. No matter where you fish, or what you fish for, look to Penn to perform flawlessly now and in the future. Penn is proud of their rich and storied history.

Pepper Custom Baits Persuader Pflueger
PH Lures Phenix Baits Picasso

PH Lures

As a tournament competitor Phil Hunt (the P.H. from PH Lures) knows the importance of having quality baits that he can rely on at the most critical times. That's why each PH Lure is handmade and hand-painted at PH lures. Phil has a desire to continue to create and perfect his baits with a drive that is customer focused. Since introducing his baits in 2006 Phil has grabbed the attention of professional and avid fisherman alike. These baits have taken several wins and top 20 finishes on the Elite-Series and have also become a household name amongst FLW pros. Phil's desire remains the same to continue to create the perfect lure for any condition.

Phenix Baits

Picasso Lures

Picasso Lures is a fishing tackle manufacturer who is most well known for their tungsten flipping and worm weights.

Pigs Only Pitbull Tackle Plano

Pigs Only

Bass fishing apparel

Pitbull Tackle

Poe's Power Pro Princeton Tec

Power Pro Braided Line

Princeton Tec

Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Princeton Tec has been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. In their pursuit to be the world's best, Princeton Tec traveled the earth by ocean, by air, by bike and by foot. They've consulted great athletes, scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent. They are constantly inspired by what our ever evolving environments have to offer and the human spirit that challenges Princeton Tec to tackle them. This spirit motivates Princeton Tec to push technology and design, so that they can ensure that you have, not only the best lighting solutions, but solutions where technology is applied and the performance makes sense for how you use them.

Pro Cure Scents Promar Quantum


Some people don't understand why we get so excited when we shave a fraction of an ounce off our reels. Or increase spool rotation by a few dozen RPMs. But those people probably don't take fishing as seriously as we do. Every Performance Tuned rod and reel has been tricked-out to give you that extra edge on the water. It's an edge that has helped Quantum pros like Kevin VanDam, Gary Klein, Gerald Swindle and Shaw Grigsby win big tournaments. At Quantum, we subject our reels to a grueling series of torture tests to make sure they perform well over a lifetime of casts. We dunk reels in saltwater tanks to check corrosion protection. We run them continuously on testing machines for millions of hours each year to see what they're made of. No matter what kind of fish you're after, fresh or saltwater, Quantum PT rods and reels are up for the challenge of helping you win bragging rights with your buddies.
Radical Glow Rago Swimbaits Rainey's

Radical Glow

Rago Swimbaits

Making Big Fish Baits Since 1994

A renowned big fish angler Jerry Rago started making baits in the mid 90's.

"I had been dabling in the process of bait creation for a short time, when on the drive home from the lake one day I saw a rat run across the road. I literally made my first rat bait that evening. On my very first cast with it at a local pond I caught a 5 pounder. Then I went to show a friend and on my very first cast on it on a totally different pond, I hooked another 5 pounder." - Jerry Rago

Rago Baits are premium swimbaits that catch bass all over the country. Professional anglers Skeet Reese and Byron Velvick have used Rago Baits to win Bassmaster Elite Series Events. The anglers each have their own signature bait; Skeet Reese - SKT Swimmer and Byron Velvick - BV3D.

Jerry Rago is well known in the trophy bass scene as both an angler and a lure designer. Rago's baits have fooled thousands of giant bass in all corners of the USA and Japan. It's time you use the right "tool" for the job, tie on a Rago Bait today and get bit!

Rapala Reaction Innovations Reaction Strike


Rapala Fishing Lures

Rapala is the word's largest lure manufacturer with products distributed in over 140 countries world-wide. The Rapala name has become synonymous with quality. Anglers choose Rapala for their high quality materials, premium paint finish and durable components. Rapala's most popular products include their hard baits which continue to be among the favorite lures for anglers targeting all species of fish.

Reaction Innovations

Reaction Innovations products including the Sweet Beaver, Kinky Beaver and the Skinny Dipper Swimbait. Reaction Innovations has been one of the most popular soft plastic bait manufacturers for many years and continue to create innovative bass baits.

Rebel Lures Redington Reel Grip

Rebel Lures

The first Rebel Lure met with instant success. Produced in 1960, the 3 ½" Rebel Minnow was recognized for its excellence, and demand quickly grew for other sizes and styles to fill fishing tackle boxes around the country. The Rebel brand answered the call with a host of legendary fishing lures such as the "Broken Back" (jointed) minnow, Pop-R, Wee-R, and the Rebel Crawfish series.
The Rebel Tracdown sinking minnow lure sinks one foot per second, allowing freshwater fishermen to hold the fishing line at the depth of suspended trout or other game fish. Another favorite among avid anglers, the Rebel Humpback crankbait, is a shallow runner ideal for schooling fish. Bass fishermen use the Wee-R fishing lure as a fish locator around rocks, stumps, and submerged timber.
The Rebel product line has expanded to include fishing lures for all species of fresh and saltwater fishing. Pro and novice anglers alike are proud to equip their tackle boxes with Rebel Lures.

Redington Fly Gear

Redington was founded in 1992 and has always brought innovative and performance driven products to the market; always at a tremendous value to anglers worldwide. They believe that good quality doesn’t have to mean over-priced. From experienced anglers to beginners just getting their feet wet for the first time, Redington gives you what they want. Every time. Located in the Pacific Northwest where they have access to some of the most wonderful fishing resources in the world, Redington delivers products that get the most out of your time on the water and really, just make fly fishing more fun. The people of Redington design the best products for the outdoor and fly fishing enthusiast because they love and enjoy the same world you do. So they know what you want and truly, what you need. Making versatile and value-oriented fly rods, reels, waders and apparel, Redington gives you what you are looking for. Versatility that performs, Value you need and the quality you deserve.

Reel Sonar Reins Revenge Baits

Reel Sonar

The concept for iBobber began in the Spring of 2012 with a very simple question that Alex, Reel Sonar CEO, asked of himself when he was trying to catch bass with his father-in-law. Fishing from the back of the boat, Alex looked longingly at Jim's boat-mounted fish finder that was mounted too far forward to see the screen clearly. And Alex wondered, "why can't I have a fishfinder connected to my iPhone, then I can see it anywhere I'm on the boat? Or from shore, or a pier, or a kayak, or from a friend's boat?!" And so iBobber was born. As you get to know the company, you'll find that ReelSonar is a company not only created by guys who love to fish, but that they're dedicated to helping all anglers, amateur to professional, young to old, bait lovers and lure aficionados, find more fish so they can catch more fish.


Reins, one of Japans premier tackle manufacturers is now in the USA! Innovative designs and premium quality combine to make Reins lures and tungsten sinkers a necessity for your tackle box. Their products have been winning tournaments for years and have helped Reins become one of Japans most successful tackle companies.

Whether you fish finesse baits, creatures, tubes, or grubs, Reins has got a bait for you. Their unique Shrimp scent, salted bodies, and fresh designs will give you an edge-whether you’re fishing for money, or just brag’n rights. Try a Reins lure today and see what they can do for you.

Rio Fly Products River's Edge River2Sea

Rio Fly Fishing Products

River's Edge

River's Edge is passionate about their role in providing innovative and unique gifts for the outdoor enthusiast. They take pride in their pledge of supplying both quality products and superior customer service with integrity and honesty. River's Edge home décor merchandise and unique gifts are designed and developed for lovers of the great outdoors. Their products are for individuals who are proud to decorate their homes, cabins, lake houses and anyplace else they want to display their love for outdoor-related activities.


River2Sea fishing lures and terminal tackle with unique design elements that set them apart from other tackle companies. Popular products from River2Sea include frogs, swimbaits and fishing sinkers for bass and other game fish such as stripers, walleye and musky. River2Sea works closely with professional anglers such as Ish Monroe, Scott Martin, John Murray, Larry Dahlberg and Tommy Biffle to develop products that are in demand and unique.

Rivers West Robert's Lures Inc Roboworm

Rivers West

Roberts Lure Inc


Soft Plastic Baits

Roboworm is the manufacturer of high quality soft plastic bass baits. The name Roboworm derives from their robotic pour process which delivers perfect, soft pours every single time. Roboworm is located in the beautiful city of Camarillo, California. Started in 1989 by Harvey and Greg Stump. Robotic machine technology was invented to automatically pour worms in the exact same manner as traditional "hand pour" worms. Over the years their products, customer base, and machinery have evolved into what is now the leading manufacturer of custom "poured" worms. Roboworm prides themselves on quality control and customer satisfaction. Roboworm's most popular products are definitely their finesse worms which have become the industry standard to which all other finesse worms are compared. If you are looking for that perfect worm to match that specific forage fish, Roboworm definitely has that custom color for you - We currently stock over 35 different colors of their straight tail finesse worms alone, not counting their FX series. We've also partnered with Roboworm to create two exclusive colors: Monster Shad and Monster Hitch which have quickly become two of the best selling colors across the country.

Rocky Mountain Tackle Rogue Rods Rosco Terminal Tackle

Rocky Mountain Tackle

Rosco Terminal Tackle

Rome Specialty Company, Inc. has been manufacturing terminal fishing tackle in Rome, NY since 1926. From its inception, ROSCO’s principal products have been sport and commercial fishing swivels, snaps, sleeves, and rings. Their products are made out of either brass or stainless steel and can be plated in nickel or oxidized in black. Rosco is the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal fishing tackle and lure components in the United States.

Ryugi Hooks Sage Sampo

Ryugi Hooks

One of the recent game changers in the Japanese fishing market, Ryugi Hooks seeks to make innovative hooks using the finest materials. Unlike other hook companies in the world, they specialize only in bass fishing hooks. Many of Ryugi's hooks feature special anti-friction TC Coatings. In result, anglers can use much less effort for their hook-sets. Many top hard bait companies are now using Ryugi’s flagship “Pierce Treble” as standard hooks, top tournament anglers are also using their various hooks. Ryugi paid attention to other parts as well - point and bend angles, gauges, gaps etc. This careful attention to detail has made them a must-have hook option for serious bass fishermen.

Sage Fly Fishing Gear

Founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, Sage was created with one idea in mind - to build the world's finest performance fly rods. Using world-class materials and years of experience gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies, Don revolutionized the fly fishing world.

Today Sage continues to seek performance advantages through new materials and designs, marketing its products through a network of specialty dealers. From our earliest days as a small rod blank manufacturer to the comparatively large 175 employee company that we are today, Sage has continued to seek performance advantages through new materials and designs. Today, more than ever before, Sage remains focused on one goal, which is best summarized by its statement of purpose: We are passionate about our business of creating fly fishing products that continually exceed the fly angler's expectations. Wherever in the world your fly fishing takes you, it is safe to say that Sage has the products to enhance your fly fishing experience.

Santone Lures Savage Gear Savant Spoon

Savage Gear

Savage Gear lures are the result of a team of worldwide anglers that approach each day on the water with uncommon ambition and a driving desire to take down the largest predatory fish in the water. The attitude is less about sharing a beautiful day fishing and much more about total domination of a body of water. Logging hundreds of thousands of hours with a fishing rod in hand, their experience is translated into swimbait, crankbait and soft plastic lure actions. The goal is savage strikes, strikes carried out with complete, absolute and total commitment from the fish to kill and eat the lure. To achieve the goal, Savage Lures eliminate all boundaries within the development of fishing lures. Within the line you'll find the most reliable and lifelike jointed baits available, crafted not only for precision balance in their wide swimming action, but also the details of how they glide and stop on the pause. Savage Real Series baits we're born from 3-dimensional computer modeling, capturing true to life details of shape and proportion. The soft plastics include multiple layers of molding where necessary to deliver lifelike depth and realism. Simply, there are no limits placed on the process because the ultimate predatory fish require the ultimate lures. Within the website you'll find video documentation of the fishing lures, technique instruction on how to present the baits and fishing lure rigging tips to add versatility to your approach. You've entered a community where a unique attitude towards the sport is rewarded with unique, aggressive lure actions for the Savage angler in all of us.

Savant Spoons

The Savant Spoons are the ultimate new lures for Trout, Char, and Salmon created from scientific studies of these gamefish.

"Have you every looked in your tackle box and found a number of lures that seemingly have been there forever yet they have never seen the end of your line or you may have used them occasionally over the years with little or no success? It has always seemed to me all those colorful lures do a better job of catching fishermen than fish. I set out to create a bait that works consistently triggering strikes using facts not fiction " - Tom Manning
The Savant Spoon was founded on the basis of scientific findings on how game and predator fish feed and react to baitfish. Unlike many lures that attempt to simply "copy" the action and color of other lures the Savant Spoon was designed after extensive review of marine and freshwater research on the habits and attributes of Ciscoes, herring, alewives, rainbow smelt, suckers and shad - how they swim, their reaction to gamefish, the sounds, their environment, seasonal changes, and electrical stimulation given off during feeding.

Scotty Sea Striker Seaguar

Scotty Downrigger & Boating Accessories

In 1952 Blayney and his wife Almeda Scott started a small company in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacturing of salmon fishing lures and other marine products. From humble beginnings, Scott Plastics Ltd. has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold into the fishing, marine, outdoor and firefighting industries worldwide. In this time the Scotty trademark has become recognized to mean one thing - product excellence. The total commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service means Scotty's customers everywhere can expect reliability and satisfaction from every product that carries the Scotty name. Here you will find Scotty products to fit your fishing and boating needs. From Scotty's downriggers, rod holders all the way to safety equipment for your boat.

Seaguar Line

Sealskinz Sebile Sep's Pro Fishing


Sealskinz has over thirty years' experience in developing and manufacturing endurance accessories. From their conception they’ve worked in partnership with some of the world’s greatest athletes including mountaineers, explorers, cyclists, skiers, runners, sailors, horse riders & all forms of mad ultra-event teams and individuals, to ensure their products deliver the very best in comfort and performance, to enable you (and all the other Sealskinz wearers) to defy the great outdoors.

Sealskinz is most widely known for their waterproof gloves and waterproof socks which have been a favorite of fishermen for years.

Sebile Lures

At the core of Sebile's company is a passion not only for fishing but distinctly improving the tools of which anglers use. The environments change and the species may change, but the challenge is always the same.Sebile's goal was not to start another lure company but to create a company with the purpose of giving the angler tools birthed from the most innovative concepts and ideas available today. Each detail from the natural unique actions of the Evidence series to the revolutionary fluid filled Possessed series is derived form detailed scientific studies of predators and prey.Go ahead put them to the test. The true test is always performance. Each lure is designed to perform distinct movements and actions imitating various natural movements of the prey. Intense vibration, fluid movements, and subtle turbulences provide the triggers drawing strikes from the wariest of predator.

Sep's Pro Fishing Lures

Shakespeare Shasta Tackle Company Shelton Products

Shasta Tackle Company

Shelton Products

Signal Silver Horde Silvertron Lures

Silver Horde Lures

Lew and Gladys Morrison started Silver Horde Fishing Supplies, Inc. in the fall of 1948. The company name "Sliver Horde" is the namesake of the book The Silver Horde written by Rex Beach. Lew was inspired by Rex Beach's account of the vast amounts of silvery salmon, known as a "silver horde". The book tells of the birth of Salmon fishing industry in Alaska where a silver hordes of fish were caught in fish traps and nets. The book story was later dramatized and produced as one of the first Hollywood talkie movies.

In 1958 a rising sport recreation angling fleet began using more artificial lures instead of bait. This lead to the development of an injection molded plastic plug specially designed for their needs. This business quickly grew larger and larger. Today anglers across the United States use Silver Horde Sport Plugs for a wide variety of game fish. Silver horde presently manufactures 15 different fishing plugs for the commercial and sport markets.

In the mid 60's Barry Morrison, Lew's nephew, pioneered the use of the brightly colored plastic lures called Squid or Hoochies. The Squid/Hoochies revolutionized commercial fishing tackle techniques. Prior to their introduction the fishermen only had bait or flies to use behind their Flashers or Dodgers. As the hoochies were easy to use and highly effective soon most commercial and sport trollers on the West Coast were using them. Over the past 30 years since their introduction Silver Horde has developed many popular color combinations including their popular "Double Glow Spatter Back" patterns. The Squid, Fly or Spoon trolled behind a Flasher or Dodger has proven to be highly effective for attracting an amazing amount of Salmon and Trout. It is preferred trolling method for most sports or commercial anglers. These are just a few examples of improvements made over the years by Silver Horde to increase their product's quality and effectiveness.

The Silver Horde Kajiki Squids are soft plastic baits manufactured by the Yamashita company in Japan of a special, super soft vinyl. The bait has a supple rubber like quality and the unique material will not absorb water and has zero buoyancy. These qualities allow the skirt to produces a life like bait fish action when fishing using trolling techniques. All Yamashita squids are labeled Silver Horde on our site.

Silvertron Lures

Simms Apparel Sizmic Skinny Bear Jigs

Simms Apparel

Simms Fishing Clothing

Simms Fishing Apparel makes the highest quality fishing gear on the market. The items are designed to provide the most functionality, fishability, and comfort. From their UPF 50+ sun gear to their Pro Dry Rain Gear, Simms fishing products are difficult to beat.

Skinny Bear Jigs

Skinny Bear was founded in 1985. Our first prototypes were field tested on Oso Flaco Lake, a small coastal lake in California. In English, Oso Flaco means “Skinny Bear”. After refining these small finesse jigs on Oso Flaco Lake, we fished the jigs on other California lakes, including Lopez, Nacimiento, San Antonio, Margarita, Casitas, and Cachuma. It did not take long for us to realize the effectiveness of the jigs on all species of bass.
The first Skinny Bear bass jigs were used among friends and family. However, word quickly spread throughout southern California about these jigs that worked when the bite was tough and no other lure seemed to produce. For years the Skinny Bear Bass Jig was the West’s best kept secret; responsible for millions of dollars in winnings in professional bass tournaments.
Today the secret is out, and Skinny Bear Bass Jigs can be found in tackle shops across the country. Our jigs have undergone several changes since the original prototypes. But the one thing that has not changed is our commitment to providing effective quality baits for fishermen and fisherwomen just like us.

SlabZone Lures Smash-Tech Baits Smelly Jelly

SlabZone Lures

SlabZone Lures is a hand crafted fish lure manufacturer located in Oakland California. Their "Bay Classic Series" specializes in match the hatch swimbaits that mimic local bait patterns in the bay area. SlabZone's swimbait design is original and the first of its kind. All lures come equipped with a jig head and feature Shovel Tail Technology with a quick action rattle inside the belly. With its unique shape, SlabZone's lure creates a bite like no other. It forces any fish following it to open wide and commit. With several different colors, in a variety of sizes (1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 2oz), they're confident you’ll catch a slab with SlabZone Lures.

Smash-Tech Baits

It all started with hand pouring swimbaits for personal use, for local fishermen, and guides. With urging from friends Smash Tech began to sell them on social media sites as well as one retail location. In a short time popularity increased and lead to waiting lists for the swimbaits. After lots of thought and work, Smash-Tech Baits was founded.

Smith's Smithwick Lures Snag Proof

Snag Proof Frogs

Turning Frogs into Toads

The Snag Proof Frog lures are very effective and fun to use! The excitement of a big bass or pike blowing up through the weeds or lily pads to get at the frog is terrific! Tournament pros in the world of bass fishing use them to consistently up to the weight in their live wells during tournaments such as the Bassmaster Classic. Topwater Frogs are also good for beginners since they won't be hanging up in the weeds and cleaning weeds from the lure—more time to fish!

Snag Proof is the original hollow-body frog company and “Made in the U.S.A” since 1961. For more than 53 years, Snag Proof has been helping fishermen everywhere enjoy the thrill of a monster bass blowing up through the weeds to grab a Snag Proof lure!

Solar Bat Sunglasses Spiderwire Spike It

Solar Bat Sunglasses

Mission: To design and market the ultimate performance eye protection for the sports enthusiasts and to give our customers the most value per dollar spent, regardless of price point, so that all customers can afford eye protection.

Established May 1994 by outdoorsman and optometrist, Dr. Gary Nesty. "Doc" realizes the importance of eye protection and razor sharp vision for peak performance in the outdoors. "Doc" has over 30 years experience in the field of optics, frame ergonomics, and vision. He utilized that experience and his knowledge of selective wavelength filtration to design lens tints and frame styles to improve your performance in the outdoor sport you love to play. Solar Bat® sunglasses are not built for sissies. We build sunglasses for people who play hard outdoors no matter what the conditions. Solar Bat® sunglasses perform if it is smokin’ hot or freezin’ cold. If you have an active outdoor life style, then the rugged performance of Solar Bat® sunglasses is the only choice for you.