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About ATTIC Lures

It has been almost 30 years since I started making lures. At one point, because of my experiences, I thought I mastered this art - but more I tried something new, I found out that there's absolutely no limitations of lure building...It's same for every professions - the more you put into it, you'll receive more in return.  Thatís the fun part of this game. Things are constantly evolving every day; anglersí skills, materials, production methods etc., I must keep up with the latest and greatest. Our products are based on real-time decisions - in order to make the best lures possible, materials, parts and methods can change at times. This method is very uncommon for mass-productions, but it is naturally the only way we do things here at the ATTIC; we are true hand-craft lure builders. Again, things are evolving daily.  If I find something better, my job is to apply it for the better future. - ATTIC, CEO Toshiharu Takasu
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