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13 Fishing Rods

13 Fishing Philosophy

Pretty simple. Enjoy life outside and in, respect your fellow man and woman, always honor our precious fishing environment and its resources. Make your own luck. If you share their fishing philosophy, youíre ready for 13 Fishing equipment.

Who is 13 Fishing
Every so often a company will come along and break the status quo. That is 13 Fishing, and they do things a bit differently. 13 Fishing wants to change the fishing industry, and elevate it to a new and superior level. They donít believe fishing has to be a pastime. They donít believe quality fishing equipment is reserved only for the wealthy. They believe that fishing is exciting and fun, and we want to share our fishing experiences to prove it. 13 Fishing will introduce new and innovative technologies, new ways of approaching fishing as a sport, and new methods of interacting and reaching out with fellow anglers to share and learn in the adventure of fishing. Their company is committed to creating fun and functional products that perform flawlessly for the consumer. They don't rely upon any secrets or lucky charms. Their goal is to involve you, the angler, in every step of the fishing process from function and design to retail purchase and customer service.